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the font formerly known as tondo*

a free font

*special thanks for naming to Luc Devroye.

it's not complete yet.. please leave comments and suggestions

this one is my personal fontribute to:
lali puna - scary world theory

Featured on DA:

Outside DA:


You can use it for free for personal use. Please give credit (something like: font used is Telegrafico by ficod + a link to my deviantart page if you can).

If you're going to earn money for a project involving this font, I would consider correct to make a donation (send me an email/PM and I'll send you a link for donating by PayPal).
Imho a donation is not a payment, so you're free to donate as much as you want (be kind, please!).

05.30.2010 UPDATED
Due to a name conflict, Tondo has been renamed to maagkramp (guess why)
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Lmao Maagkramp means stomach pain in my language
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It is simply amazing work.Thank you so much.
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I like this font thanks
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Chuba96Student Digital Artist
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looks really nice
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cutiepatootiHobbyist Digital Artist
cute :)
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pandoranachiosProfessional Traditional Artist
Nice font!!!
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used here: [link]
awesome font! I love it : )
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Cool font meneer! Is jy Afrikaans?
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ianswart13Hobbyist Digital Artist
Maag kramp??? Snaakse naam! Lijk goed.
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Free for Personal use/DonationWare sucks...
Cool font and all, but open source or nothin! ;)
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DarkDevillStudent General Artist
Nice font! Thank you for it!
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MartinSilvertantProfessional General Artist
Why change the name to something so negative? The typeface looks so soft it seems quite the opposite of what you're calling it now.

The unfortunate name aside, this is very nice work! I would only recommend condensing h/m/n a bit so they have the same rhythm as the counters in letters like e/o, and the aperture of 'e' could be higher as the connection point is too dark.
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alfreddygutzStudent Artist
Thank you for this! I might use it in the future. Good job!
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This is awesome, thanks for all the work you put into it!
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BerriSugarHobbyist General Artist
I love the font, it's just missing the number 4.
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so cute and delightful! I want to use it in my school web design work, and if so I will remember to give you a credit
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Awesome font! Happy & playful...

Definitely a name upgrade in South Africa...
as 'maagkramp' in Afrikaans means stomach cramp & 'tondo' in Xhosa means a males member ;)

Shot for the font!
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