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drinking about you

life's not a longdrink

used here:
1) [link]
2) [link]
3) [link]

featured here:

You can use it for free for personal use. Please give credit (something like: font used is Telegrafico by ficod + a link to my deviantart page if you can).

If you're going to earn money for a project involving this font, I would consider correct to make a donation (send me an email/PM and I'll send you a link for donating by PayPal).
Imho a donation is not a payment, so you're free to donate as much as you want (be kind, please!).
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nice work, thanks!
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Hi, I would like to use this font in a personal logo. I will be using this logo for my online photography shops ( like on etsy) I just wanted to make sure this was okay with you. I would be happy to make a donation if you wish.
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awesome , id like use it for my campus assignment
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very art deco, i like it a lot!
Gorgeous font, might use this. Lovely. :+fav:
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nice work, thanks for sharing ! :)
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oooo, love this! great work. :)
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Very nice work, I'm downloading. :]
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very polished, nice work and many thanks.
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Hi there!

Your resources have been featured in my news article here :heart: [link] :heart:

Thanks for providing such amazing resources for us :peace:
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Used it for the header on my journal graphic and for the download of the Journal CSS I suggest it to be used.
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Sorry, but I don't know cyrillic alphabet :-( so for now Cyrillic isn't supported...
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Okay, thanks anyway ;)
is this font just for personal use ?

whats the policy?
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Of course you can use it for free for personal use (giving credit is always appreciated); if you plan to use it for commercial purpose, no problem: use it and give credit if you can. Further: if you're going to earn (consistent) money for a project involving this font as a great part of the job, I would consider "ethically correct" if you feel like tipping a coin :-D

Well, I've never thought about it, but right now this seems to be a good policy :-)
We can talk about it, if you want.
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thirst quenching set of fonts you see there. thanks!
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wow this is really nice - very calming..
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