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This is just a preview!
The font is coming quickly in its sparkling 0.1 release.

Please leave comments!
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thank you for sharing!
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Awesome and modern Font C:

Fav and downloading...

When will it be available...fantastic!
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It looks great!
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I love this font! Thank you! ^^
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Doesn't work :(
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simple and beautiful! thanks man!
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looks very clean and sexy!
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This is GENIOUS :P
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this font is crap, it doesn't work :S
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Never knew that one-pixel line could be fantastic :D Well done!
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Please Monospace this font?
Or at least the R and E... I don't think an architect would be over-pleased with them.
Unless maybe there were an art-deco-itecht
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The width of some of the letters feels a little wrong - I don't know if that's the intent of the font, or accidental. Specifically, the A and the O.. either that, or all the other letters are not wide enough. the R in particular I like, but next to the A it seems a little too thin.
Still, I like the font, and can't wait for the release. It looks like it might take alternate shapes (like AvantGarde) quite well though, perhaps you might consider making some? :)
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I really consider all of the comments.
When I made the first shapes many letters where wider but I chose a to make each letter as thinner as it can be (according to the design). That means: if A is 1Unit (U) wide, for example, D is 1/2U and E is 1/4U.
This allowed me to have a beautiful "S" by using the simplest shapes I could imagine, and avoid having an horizontal bar in "P" and "R", which is also good for this design.
This is the current concept and imho it's not bad.. for my eyes it works.

Maybe I'll make variants of this, maybe just keep the lowercase set with this thinner design and will make the width of uppercase letters more "uniform".
I really don't know yet and... above all, I'm lazy!
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i like it =) take this one )))
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Awesome! Love the thinness of the lines. The color scheme really makes it look nice.
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Looks Great!
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