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Artist // Hobbyist // Digital Art
Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2021: Participated in Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 2021 campaign
Create With Pride: Participated in Pride Month 2021
Hispanic Heritage Month 2021: Participated in Hispanic Heritage Month 2021
Heart: Love is in the air, someone is thinking of you! (1)
All Out With Pride: You participated in LGBTQ+ Pride Month!
My Bio
Favourite genre of music: punk rock, alternative rock
Favourite style of art: Digital, painted
Favourite cartoon character: Ryuuji Otogi, YGO
Favorite webcomic character: Caliborn, Homestuck
Personal Quote: Beware the marmalade!

Favourite Movies
Stick It!, Lords of Dogtown, Live Free or Die Hard, Legally Blonde, Mighty Ducks trilogy
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Placebo, Ani di Franco, Emilie Autumn
Favourite Writers
Oscar Wilde, Robin McKinley, Agatha Christie
Tools of the Trade
Photoshop CS3
 MONTHLY QUESTS [ M - 001 ] The Red Box [ M - 002] Scenery Challenge - The (Un)Heroic [ M - 003] Scenery Challenge - Mystery House [ M - 004] Scenery Challenge -Treatland [ M - 005] Scenery Challenge - Gone Fishing [ M - 006] Alternate Dreamverse [ M - 007] Scenery Challenge - Their Kingdom [ M - 008] Scenery Challenge - Another Kingdom
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1) Song lyrics/rap cypher for Zoo's quest! Please listen to the beat while you read: I used this beat by Anabolic. Livia here, your future legendary, Run if you want, I know the thought’s scary But here’s the catch, you’re not my match, I’m hitting you with bars in a Stygian quick attack! This isn’t the Dreamlands, you can’t just click and win, I’ll Poison Exhaust Freeze you into a deadly spin, Look at those end bosses running from me, Everyone knows I’m the Stygian to beat. Little Treats think they can step to me? Treatopolis is dead, take a seat! Doesn’t matter if you’re even Royal Vanilla, I’m the Queen here and my raps are killer. Bunnyqueen, Bunnyking, it doesn’t matter, I’m the no-hit pitcher and the clean up batter, All those little daydreams fill the air with their screams Knowing that I’m coming they all start running Hiding where they can in the Nightmare Tree, Not willing to accept they’re already history. So many daydreams, so easy to replace, I take the smart ones and
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Quest HALLOW-001: Halloween Spirit (286 words) Lisette hummed merrily to herself as she spun around, whisk working in strong, smooth circles. The batter was a bright orange, as bright as the icing that waited in a large bowl, and she just knew it would be the perfect shade once cooked for the delicate insides of a pumpkin! Baking always lightened colors, turning them more pastel, but that was what she wanted. A nice thick layer of colored buttercream icing on top with black piped eyes and jack o'lantern grins would complete her cupcake pumpkins! No trick-or-treaters would come, of course, that was not how the Nightmare Kingdoms worked, but perhaps she would invite Livia over and see her friend feast. The little Treats that scurried in and out of her house would most certainly be welcome, even if they were mischievous little creatures. Case in point, one of them was trying to steal a ghost puff right now, even as Lisette looked at it with a raised eyebrow. The oversized marshmallow
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Thanks for te fav :hug:

Thanks for the fav! Hope the F2U base comes in handy x

Thank you for the support, honey! I hope you have a really good day! 💕

Happy birthday lovelyy ;; <33 Hope you have an AMAZING ONE!
Sorry it took so long but here's your commission here;;…
I love your icon... it gives me so many nostalgia feels