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Khessya and Theron Shan on Makeb - SWTOR Drawing

Location  Makeb
As part of my coping with pain, I've been drawing - characters from kids shows, random animals and people from games that I play. It's been a while since I posted on DeviantArt, but I have finally completed a SWTOR drawing for celyntheraven.

Here is her Mirialan Khessya with her love Theron Shan with some mesa rocks from the planet Makeb.

This is a traditional drawing using a combination of colour pencils and soft drawing pencils for detail. It's just drawn on basic printer paper - as that's all I can afford to do, being honest. So a lot of work went into the skin of both, especially, to try to iron out the "cracked" in the paper's texture.

Unlike previous drawings of characters from "Star Wars: the Old Republic", this one is not a screenshot in/of itself. I used a few shots of Khessya to outline her face and did the same with separate shots of Theron Shan. No SWTOR screenshots were of them on Makeb.

Initially I made the mesas too detailed, in an attempt to make them realistic. In the end, using an overlay of white and multiple applications of blending pencils, I settled for being roughly happy with shadows cast by the rocks. Because I am working on multiple drawings at the moment, my ability to draw actually improved over the course of this piece, so some bits are definitely better than others here.

But this SWTOR drawing was a gift to a friend, and I am so glad to have finally completed it, so I can mail it to them.
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I'm glad my babies provided you a bit of relief and I'm thankful beyond words Heart for you

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It was a challenge, but in a good way, pushed me a bit, which I need. Glad you like, as it was for you after all!

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Thank you :) took me waaaay longer than I thought it would but @celyntheraven is happy with it, so I'm happy with it!