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Frozen 2 Fire Spirit Bruni, Crayon Drawing

Assuming I get away with it, this is my last Frozen 2 drawing for my nearly 4-year-old daughter. She requested the Fire Spirit from Frozen 2, who is called Bruni (despite, as far as I remember, never being called that during the movie).

The little Salamander is blue when he's not making fire, so I had to choose between blue-and-happy or purple-and-on-fire. With this crayon drawing, I chose the cuter look for the Fire Sprit and added his crystal/symbol next to him, which allowed me to add some purple/pink flames/ So I'm not lore-breaking ;)

I forgot to track time on this drawing, but it took a fair while, but I'm happy with the outcome.

Movie: Frozen 2
Character: Bruni, Fire Sprit
Species: Salamander
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