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Frozen 2 FanArt - Crystal of Pink and Purple Fire

I'm not inventive with my deviation titles, am I? 

Anyway, back story is that the diamond shape is the symbol of the Fire Spirit from Frozen 2. It appears on Bruni's back and on the gazillion diamond-shaped ice crystals that appear when Elsa awakens the Spirits of the Enchanted Forest.

Although, to be honest, her song "Into the Unknown" was loud enough to wake anyone up.

So, the salamander appearance of the Fire Spirit causes pink and purple fire. So I just created this stylised symbol along with various flames. Lettering is done in VERY rough approximations of the style from the Frozen title. I don't usually use pinks, but as the Element of Fire's crystal is pink I had to just do the thing.

Media: Sketching Paper, coloured pencils, graphite drawing pencils, and way more pink than I thought I'd use in a lifetime.
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