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Drawing Practice - Anna Frozen 2 Head Shot

Why This is Drawing Practice
So my 3-year-old daughter, knowing I do drawing when struggling with chronic pain, asked me to draw Anna from Frozen 2. So, I know this pure pencil drawing has mistakes and stuff in it, but that's fine by me.

New to Pencil Drawings
My daughter will want a colour one to go with the Elsa one I've also done for her, so I just did a "quick" pencil only sketch this time. I'm very new to just using graphite.

But it helped me to work on the really weird facial proportions of Disney's "Frozen" characters, which is the main reason I used pencil - erasers work SO much better than with coloured pencils.

Onwards to Colour
Well, I guess I should start on the full-length, colour version of Anna now before my daughter asks why I haven't added a picture to her bedroom wall. Kids, eh?
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Thanks :) think that is attempt 3 at drawing Anna. So I'm onto the coloured once my 3yo actually wants now!