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Anna from Frozen 2 Coloured Pencil Drawing

Well this drawing of Anna from Frozen 2 has been a nightmare from start to finish. But the 3yo was glad to see it on her wall at last! From silly Frozen face-proportions, to wearing out the paper (Anna's outfit is full of rich colours), to my attempts at the sky doing one thing but then forcing me to go darker - my life what a farce!

But here it is after probably 45-50 hours (I know, way more than it should have been!). This is, thankfully, my penultimate drawing on cheap printer paper. I've been gifted nicer paper, but I had started this. So, clearly I had to finish it or start the nightmare over again!

Well, my daughter was ecstatic to see it. Minutes later she did ask "where's the Fire Spirit?" so guess what I have to start soon? 🤦🏽

Summary Info:

Movie/Film: Disney's Frozen 2
Characters: Anna
Medium: Rafinné Coloured Pencils
Surface: Printer Paper, sorry.
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