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Ubuntu Light - Re-Imagined

By fibermarupok
After seeing the new gtk theme for Lucid, I feel that the new theme has some more room for improvement. Here is the new Ubuntu 10.04 theme re-imagined. Of course this is not official. This is just my take on the new theme.
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This is simple and great. From a personal opinion, way better than the default ! Will try to implement this for GTK 3 ;). Thanks for the inspiration! :D
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superb, you have to install a package ?
really good work keep it
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How does one turn the volume "Up" or "Down" when the control is right and left? Is that for left and right speakers? :confused:
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Personally I prefer the left - right for adjusting volume level but it's not set in stone. I think it's possible to achieve the same design
using a vertical format.
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ok, horizontal looks good. I need more sleep. :doh:
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oh and good job by the way.
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after sleeping on it, the vertical is growing on me. It would look good embedded into the panel as well.
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Thanks guys! I'll be refining it more. I'm having a problem with the taskbar buttons and the pager. I think they could have some more love. =)
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pretty except the horrible contrast by toolbar and icons...
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hey i really like what you did with the nautilus breadcrumbs. great idea!

rest of the mockup is great too .... just wanted to point out the super-greatness of the breadcrumb-idea :D

gebagu's avatar
oh yes, and those depressed seperators besides the clock in the panel! great too :)
pocketkocurek's avatar
Looks much better now, thank you so much ;]
Love the volume control
Already... That look better. Nice work man.
wafflesncream's avatar
nice. i like it very much! will u share this theme or? :P
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Really nice soft and somewhat do-able, but with the use of some pixmaps and non-standard modifications to elementary-nautilus.
looks nice.. btw imo they should do smth with icons
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