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Banshee-RythmBox Re-Imagined

Inspired by my recent jaunt in refining the Lucid GTK theme for Ubuntu, I decided to do a refresh of the default music player for Linux in general (Gnome specially). Rythmbox. Though the design might also be implemented for Banshee. The colors I choose keeps up with "Light" theme of the new branding specs by Canonical. Hope you like it. BTW, this is just a mock-up and not a real application. =)
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i like the colors and simplicity of the gui components, very nice
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This is beautiful.

The elegant and sleek gradient in the first bar draws attention immediately to the player controls.
I really like this.
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the font in playlist could be the same size than font of menubar.. i think..
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Great design! :D
HI! fibermarupok

Awesome Design.

What about a revision that you promised DanRabbit?
What would make it even Better :).
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Best music player for linux mockup i've seen - excellent. :D :clap:
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This is really awesome.
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This work is sexy!!!!
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This is gorgeous. I've actually seen this linked on which linked to another blog.

Please oh please let someone make this a reality.
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PS. This looks way too much like Mac :/
Srsly.. this is amazing work!
Would be realy great having this
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I really hope rhythmbox and/or banshee gets to look this. This is at least possible in Songbird as a skin. Of course, it wouldn't be native GTK, but it would assume Ubuntu's new standard look and feel.

And i like the volume being the way you have it in the mockup. I'm normally very picky and comment on everything, but i feel like what you have above is perfect for me.
I dont like where the library count thing is. Id prefer to remove the status bar altogether.
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This is some hot stuff!

Just a couple thoughts:
I don't think there really needs to be a label that says "Cover Art" ;)

I'd like to see a version that uses a compact menu with more of the menubar items intergrated into the main UI.

There is a lot of space in between the view buttons and the volume slider. What do you think about putting the slider directly on the toolbar? It would save a click and I think it would spell out the functionality a little more explicitly.

I see in your view buttons you have a list view, and an album view (essentially a grouped list view). One thing they did in the new iTunes about that was that they actually made the album art a column in the list view. I think this probably makes a little more sense ;)

I'm not sure if this would actually turn out, but what do you think about some monochromes in the sidepane for categories?
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Hi Dan, let me see what I can do with your suggestions. I'll post an updated version soon. I think the layout is possible with Songbird. If anyone can theme this, that would be great!
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I was planning on making this theme with Songbird, but now that they dropped Linux support it's not possible. You could try to get interest in a fork for Songbird and make a new music player. That would take a ton of work, but I'd be there to help.
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awesome, can't wait to see what happens :)
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holy shit this is great.
i hope this would be real.
love it!
I think you should use a similar volume slider to your earlier mockup for changes to the new default theme..
The horrizontal volume slider with the arrow :D
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i hope to been real very soon :D
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damn this is soooo sexy

I wish they would make it as elegant as this

good job fibermarupok
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