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Hourly Comics Feb 20118

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Been a while since I did one of these.  Watch in excitement as I have a boring ass day with mostly photoshop.
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This is a blah time of the year, anyway. I’m actually a bit glad Spring seems to be coming early, as I want to be outside! just needs to stop being so wet.
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Super cute <3  Your squishy unicorn made me wish I had something to squish ;_;  Also, I know how it feels - I spent almost 8 hours in PS myself today :b  TIME TO DO IT AGAIN TOMORROW.  AND THE DAY AFTER.  AND AGAIN.  UNTIL I DIE.

Actually I probably will end up doing a bunch of shopping/cooking tomorrow instead of work.  Need to get un-fat (well, realistically, less-fat, anyway :V) so I'm trying to think of foods that are delicious but not horrific health-wise.  I'm thinking of making some minestrone soup with homemade falafel wraps and tzatziki, but would be open to suggestions :b
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ugh,yeah. I have so much art I need to do. Business art, tumblr event art, a few pieces as payment for a friend who covered some con costs, and I finally have inspiration for personal art. So little time x.x Only reason I finished that piece yesterday was because our DnD game got canceled. 

and yeah, I need to eat better. Been living off coffee and microwave food since christmas. Although Brandon treated me to homeade pasta (like, hand-rolled egg and flour noodles) and I never felt more alive than after eating that XD 
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((... In retrospect, I actually spent more than 8 hours in Photoshop.  I did 7.5 hours of paid work, and then later did another 2 hours or so of personal work :b  Guh.))

:O  Personal art!  You should definitely try to get a bit of that done.  I definitely neglect it myself, which is why I've been trying hard to do what little I do lately.  There's a cool painting I have in mind but I'll probably never get it down... but I'm sort of resolved to try to at least get the sketch done, hopefully??  x_x

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm homemade pasta!  I haven't done that yet - homemade gnocchi and homemade wonton wrappers and homemade bread, but not homemade pasta.  Should give it a go!  But yeah, we've been eating decently, just somewhat unhealthily x_x  Sigh.  WHY IS EVERYTHING UNHEALTHY SO DELICIOUS :V