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Sun Kid (Auction - Closed)

Cleaning out a bunch of watercolours to put things in the shop, found this little fellow, and thought maybe someone would like to give them a home! Watercolor/gouache/digital hybrid sheeper. 

SB - $30
Min Increase - $5
AB - $120

Terms of use & Auction Rules
-You can do whatever you want with this character! Edit the design/art, take it to someone else to edit, write stories with them, port them into a CS, no bars held. The character is all yours and feel free to take it on whatever adventures you'd like!
-You may not claim the original artwork above as your own nor reproduce it for commercial purposes. 

-Auction ends 24 hours after the final bid.
-A 30 minute snipe guard will be in effect.
-Winner has 72 hours to make full payment. Failing this, the wee fella will be offered to the next bidder.
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© 2021 fiachmara
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It's been ages and I still can't get over your way of shading . it looks so awesome! Also love the soft blues and the strong bright orange, the look really good together. Overall this is just so nice and the colours are kinda soothing(?). it'd look great on a postcard...:love:

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//// Bids go heeerreee

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