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Omnimo Start Orb

I found some Omnimo Start Orbs on Deviantart but they didnt convince me... so here is mine
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nice share ty

How do i Download it?
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ive used this for years! Just wanted to say Thank you! :)
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thanks dude! i appreciate that :)
I keep getting a "Blocked" message when trying to download "windows 7 orb changer". I seem to be going to the legit site, as well as followed other people's links to the same site and FireFox keeps telling me that it is a virus.
Any thoughts on this, and also is anyone using anything else besides "Windows 7 Orb Changer"?
I downloaded "Windows 7 Star Button Changer" (v2.6) and though it seems legit, it isn't working. Keeps saying "Could not find a part of path 'C:\windows\W7SBC\new.bmp  whenever I try to select a new button that I have downloaded.
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Do you have this for windows 8.1?
thx dude, its awesome
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tnx, thats so amasing!
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Hey Fi3uR,
your Start orb was my inspiration to create an own one.
Thank you sooo much :D
thanx.. now my start button looks awesome
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Fantastik. Tryed Manie end dis is da vun dat I youzed!
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It's awesome but I don't know how to get any of these!!
(I've got photoshop and the 'Start Orb Changer')
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Put the Files in a folder where you can find then (Best: create a folder on the desktop) and open the Start Orb changer. Then click change and select the file you put there and that looks like the start orb on the preview. Just double click and it will be applied(be patient can be take upto 10 seconds(don't panic if your status bar disappears in this time, it will come back :)).
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No I meant how to get them off, but I found it out now. Thanks anyway! :D
How did you do it? I don't get it :(
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On the right hand side of the internet page beneath the image is a green button saying "download" :-D
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Excellent Work !
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