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Light 1.0

This is Light for Rainmeter (my first Rainmeterskin ever:))

-Cpu (needs Coretemp to work properly)
-RSS Reader

Light Dock Icons:…


Wallpaper2:… by: :iconmushcube:


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:) Thank you, Fi3uR, I love that look. :)

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Hi-vis Traffic network meter still useful, without background, high readability factor while being compact.
people should know the circle gauges can individually exist by themselves without the strip background.
and edit the max traffic so the outer ring fills up as a meter based on your actual bandwidth max.
The rest probably just needs an update to use the more efficient process monitor from the newer rainmeter releases.
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It is a pity that in the settings there is no possibility to change another language.
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Hello, few days now the weather not working.
I check the weather code and also tried different codes. Nothing happens.

Any idea ?
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mine too i dont know what it is yet :/
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Probably the weather API. Try to updated or use a existing one.
You should keep it alive, it is a very good skin!
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yes i noticed that it seems that yahoo is changing its links.. when i get time these days i'll sort it out and update :) got exams right now so it could take me some time but it will be done
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Good luck with exams! We are waiting for the update
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found a fix update soon :)
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awesome! thank you :handshake:
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Man, thx a lot for this masterpiece! Best skin for Rainmeter I've seen so far. So clean, with flexible and convienient configuration. Great example of how should a Rainmeter skin be developed.

If I may propose a feature:
- Automatic switching between RSS feeds in customizable time intervals
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Wow so great and I am so happy that I fell over rainmeter and then this on the same day :-) only two things I need to know is how to make it only show one hdd drive? and how do I change the weather to my town in which is Odense in Denmark :-) if I get help with that I will be so crazy happy :-)
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there is a settings tab where you can adjust everything
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Yeah I seen the tab, but I do not know what to put in the weather tab to change it as if I put Odense, it just do not show anything except for the degree sign :-)  And what do I need to write to hide hdd as so far it show me the d and e drive with zero bites even I do not have any in my computer? :-)
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you have to google your weather location code should be easy to find

for the hdd tool you would need to delete certain parts in its config file
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Found out now, thanks for posting it :-)
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Das sieht echt heftig geil aus! Oh Noes! 
Bin durch Zufall nochmal auf deine ganzen Arbeiten und Fotografien gestoßen..
Sicher, dass du nicht doch noch ein Designstudium anfangen willst? :D
Steht außer Frage, dass du ganz locker das Zeug dazu hättest :)
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Danke Martin :D
Nein das bleibt mein Hobby, glaube das würde mir sonst schnell keinen Spaß mehr machen :D
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Everything looks nice, but there 1 little problem here.

When it comes to the Facebook RSS feed, I am unable to view the texts with the unicode UHT-8 Character.

Is there a way we can config or fix this?

Screenshot :
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try to use the arial font at the facebook rss reader.. it could work :)
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This is easily the best Rainmeter skin I've seen.  Gorgeous, functional and so delightfully easy to customize.

Thank you for creating this!
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Thank you for appreciating :)
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you are a genius! omfg omfg  this skin is just fantastic!:squee: 
i actually signed in to leave this comment.
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