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Big Mac

BIIIG!! :peace: :macos: :peace:

Iphone wall included!

enjoy! :macos:
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did you make that in photoshop? i only ask becasue that "stainless steel" look's nice, if you could answer on how you did it, that'd be wonderful...
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Yup, entirely Photoshop. To tell the truth, I don't really remember *how* I did it, this was one of my first works with Photoshop/digital arts. But I'm pretty sure I used the "Add noise" filter + blur, smudge, multiply, overlay, overlay, overlay and some "Bleach" filter inside a photo editing plugin for Photoshop called "Nik Color Effects" (I applied that one at least 5 times).

I think I even made a pattern for the brushed feeling, but I really can't remember, sorry :/
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all cool man, I mainly experiment with new things anyway.
Gooooodddd !!!!....felicitaciones....
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@_@ estos son diseños vieeeeejos :P se los estaba enseñando a un programador de iphone, gracias!
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sweet thats my new logon backgraound
wonderfull wall
i like it :)
great job ;)
thanks a lot =D
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Thanks me? thank you :P
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Oh macs are just the biggest win
Just got the new macbook pro :D
Is... immense :)

loving this picture, almost has a sinister atmosphere about it :P
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O.O awesome xD congrats. i wish i have one... and thanks im gald you like it!
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simple, but very good looking ;)
How much time do you take for such a piece, if I may ask?
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4 hours or more, but this one is simple, i think it was the easiest one i made out of the 4 i uploaded yesterday xD
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man you really love mac :)
Cool like the texture :)
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ya i'm crazy with macs XD sadly!
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