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my twitter handle is @ mistressofsalt.

You can find me here, as I'm not all that active on here anymore. Hope to see you there!
Thank you so much for your support over the years, and thank you to those who recently started following me as well.
I hope to continue posting artwork that is to everyone's liking, your support is what keeps me going!

On to 1000 watchers then! I will draw a little special thing once I hit 1000 watchers, I suppose. It's been a while since I did that.

Have a great start of the new week, everybody!
Hi everyone!

I thought about offering reference sheet commissions for a while now. But since I don't have any experience with them, it would be really cool if someone could help me out.

They would always include:
- Flat colors
- A front and back view
- A color palette
- One headshot

Things I could include upon request (that [i]might[/i] get charged extra, so we will have to discuss these):
- A NSFW/SFW edit
- More headshots (up to two more)
- Accessory details
- Outfit shots (up to two)

Since I'm new to ref sheet commissions, I'll be offering the first 3 basic ones for 50€ each.
Feel free to message me if you're interested!

Also, if you got any suggestions on what could be added to a ref that I missed out on, please let me know in the comments!
Hi there everybody!

Maybe some of you remember that I had been diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease two years ago.
Since then, a lot has changed. I changed my diet (still didn't lose much weight, though) and tried to reduce stress.
I tried everything in my might only to hear from the doctor that there was only little to no progress,
and that I don't have any diseases that might cause this condition (I got checked for what feels like the entirety of possible human diseases).
He told me to stop taking the pill, and here we go, already half a year later, my liver seemed to recover better and faster as well.
Ever since, I haven't seen my doctor all that often.

But given that I'm feeling much better by now, I decided to get my blood checked again this Friday.
There will also be two sonographies, one on Friday, and another one in July at my hepatologist's, the week after my birthday.

It feels really good to be back and have energy to actually do stuff, even though I sorta have to rebuild everything after my absence.
Thank you to everybody who stuck around ever since. I sincerely appreciate your support and kind words.

Just felt like sharing this with you and getting it off my chest.

Have a lovely week!
Hi everyone!

I was wondering time and time again, whether I should start selling merch on conventions (in Germany) and/or on Etsy (which would be internationally available then). Convention merch would consist of enamel pins, acrylic charms and art prints, maybe even stickers. Online, I would go with pins, charms and stickers.

But since I would have to make the investment and buy those things, it would be nice to know if there are people who would be interested in me doing this.

I know not everybody can afford to buy a commission, so this would be an easy opportunity to support me and my artwork.

Please let me know what you think, so I can make a decision, and maybe even start designing!

Have a lovely day!
Yes, I'm still doing that.

Send me a screenshot of you hitting 50,000 Pageviews, and you'll get a full colored bust freebie!

Good luck everyone~

Hello everyone!
Finally I can say that commissions are OPEN again!
There are two free slots for March/April. Those are not first come, first serve, however.
If you're interested, check out my commission info here:

Fhran's Commissions 2k18 by Fhran

Send me a note if you're interested, and if you got any questions, I'm happy to answer those as well!
I'm still new to the invoicing system, so please bear with me if I mess up a bit, or maybe help me out if you know better!

Have a nice day!
Hello everybody!

After nearly two years of scarce content and absence, I think I can finally say that I am going to return to my tablet for good.
I fell into a major depression two years ago, and this month it's been a year since I started going to therapy. My life has been very turbulent. I now live in an apartment of my own, and cut off my toxic ex boyfriend last summer. Ever since, my situation and mental health have improved tremendously, and I'm slowly starting to feel motivated enough, confident enough to be drawing again. I'm doing great compared to the last few years.

Thank you for sticking around for so long, I really appreciate it. Here's to hoping I can provide you with some more lewd art in the future!~
Hey, guess who's back after taking a near 1 year break?? This weenie.

I'll write a more in depth journal soon.
Yup, you heard right. I'll be leaving DeviantArt. The website is dead and I don't see a point posting my art on here anymore.
I made many friends through this website, and I'm thankful for the good times, but it's time to move on. Of course I'll still be drawing and everything, I just don't want to be a part of dA anymore. If you still want to follow me and my art, you can do so on (NSFW accounts are not linked, but typing in the username on the websites should do the trick):

fhranarts @ Tumblr
Fhran @ FA

Thank you to everyone for everything.
I know this isn't a very cool thing to start with, given that I haven't been active on here for a very long time, but yesterday, I had to go to the ER. I was having symptoms of an acute abdomen and had almost passed out from the pain during my cultural studies exam. I could barely walk and my stomach area hurt like crazy.
So my friend took me to the ER, where that fricking lady at the counter proceeded to mock me by asking me whether I had already talked to my gynaecologist (apparently she assumed I was pregnant?!) or whether I might just be constipated. And I was like "NO, I AM IN SERIOUS PAIN, I NEARLY PASSED OUT DURING MY EXAM." and she literally didn't really care that much.
I was lucky that it only took them two hours to get to me. So the doctor gave me an abdominal x-ray, where he couldn't find anything belonging to an acute abdomen, but he noticed that I seem to have FLD (which is still reversible as it's not too advanced yet). I was pretty shocked, since none of the usual reasons for this apply to me, like being overweight, eating junk food, alcoholism and medication including cortisole. Now I have to have my liver checked once in a year to see whether an inflammation will develop. After 4 hours total, I was finally able to go back home.
As for the pain, the doctor said it was most likely a very strong reaction to a food intolerance, and that my body is incapable of digesting either gluten or sugar, so I have to get my blood tested for both...
What a way to finish this semester.
Yesterday evening, Vanilla surprised me with a small Worry Eater.
They are flat, fluffy plushie monsters with zippers for their mouths and big round eyes.
He had noticed that I'm worrying about waaay too many things and that I'm constantly stressed out,
so he decided to get me one.
The purpose of these little critters is to write down your worry/worries on a piece of paper and shove it down the Worry Eaters mouth and zip it up,
so he can "eat" them away for you. They are produced in Germany, but as far as I know,
Haywire Group distributes them in America too.

This is him, a small Rumpel :3…

As I'm not someone who can communicate my feelings very well,
and who doesn't want to nag Vanilla constantly with my problems,
this is a very good way to get rid of them
(or well, not to think about them as frequently as usually at least).
Just looking at his little nubby arms makes me smile and forget about most things.
It also feels really good and relieving to write down your feelings and feed them to that little monster, it's a nice symbol of letting go.

Since Christmas season is coming up, and you might know someone
who worries a lot about things or is going through rough times,
I can definitely recommend them as a present, they come in 20 different designs in Germany,
and in the States I think there's like 10 at the time?
Also there's small and large sizes too and they're really high quality.

Have you already bought all your Christmas presents this year?
 Or are you more of a last minute present shopper? :D

I hope you guys have a very nice day today!
I'm sorry for my lack of activity lately. The past two weeks, I was feeling down again and stayed at home whenever possible, despite telling Vanilla that I'll be going to University. Since I moved to Bavaria, my depression has gotten worse to the point that I have become lethargic and aggressive. I hardly ever feel motivated to draw, and when I do, I am not very satisfied with the results. I'll try to post more frequently in the future. Maybe I'll draw some fanart for some people again, I don't know. I just hope that my situation will improve soon enough so I can be as cheery as I used to be two years ago.

Furthermore, I noticed that I'm losing more and more watchers on deviantArt since I started posting furries more often. Everyone gets mad at me for not drawing monster girls anymore, but guess what, these super nice people whose characters I draw are actually paying me to draw furry art. I'm not living at home with my parents anymore, I'm a student and I rarely ever have time to draw for myself, so I might as well take that time and earn some extra money instead... It's disappointing that some of you just stay here in hopes of getting free art. It's not gonna happen.

Sorry for the negativity, but I just had to write it down somewhere... though it might not be as cohesive as usual...

Anyways, I hope you guys have a nice week!!
Have you ever been so afraid of dieing because your body was showing obvious symptoms?

On Thursday, after having had pain in my left arm like once or twice a week, I woke up feeling dizzy and felt a pressure on my chest, as well as a throbbing pain in my heart. Driving to University, my heart began to race like crazy and I already started to feel uneasy and told my mother.
Later, as the lecture was almost over, I almost passed out from a stinging pain in my heart, as if someone stabbed me and felt extremely weak and dizzy. My colleagues told me to go see a hospital immediately, as apparently I was showing symptoms of a heart attack (and I’m fucking 20, so…). Shaking and sobbing, I called Vanilla’s mother who came and picked me up and took me to a doctor instead as she didn’t want to risk going to the ER with me and having to wait for 4 fucking hours until some doctor there will look at me with their ass cheek.
At the doctor’s, they couldn’t find anything relating to a heart attack, but something else. Apparently, I had been extremely dehydrated, to the point that my body started rebelling against me, but in addition, my spine is twisted, probably Scoliosis, and is most likely the cause for creating symptoms like those of a heart attack. I am now forced to drink at least 2l of water each day and have to go see an orthopedist for my spine and a cardiologist, to make sure I really don’t have any heart disease.
I’ve never been so afraid as I was that day, I really thought I was going to die, as the pain in my arm is so frequent, but I still never went to see a doctor until it was seemingly too late, though everyone was worried.  A 19-year-old colleague from my part time job had just passed away on Monday because of a lung embolism. There might have been a way to save her if she had seen a doctor earlier. She wasn’t as lucky as I was and now she’s gone. But I will never wait that long again to go see a doctor if something is weird. Never gonna risk having to feel this horror again. Never gonna seemingly put my life on the line ever again.
If you're looking for a new OC, check out these designs that still haven't found a loving home (now even with points for payment...):

If none of them is to your liking, I'm always open for Customs (starting at 10$/1000 :points:)! Just send me a note.

Iiokai Halloween Batch #1 (DISCOUNTED) by Fhran

Iiokai Sweets Edition (Ultra Rare Batch) DISCOUNT! by Fhran

Zodiac (1/2):
Zodiac Iiokai Batch #1  SALE 12$ by Fhran

Iiokai Batch #3 DISCOUNTED! by Fhran
Alrighty, how do I start... where do I begin...

I suppose most of you know that I wing about 90% of my commissions, with you giving me a theme and that's it. You trust my judgement of anatomy and composition and trust me that I am going to produce a beautiful piece of art for you. Sometimes you give me an idea for a pose, and that's great too, because then I have a better gist of what I am supposed to do (if I have no idea at all). Sometimes, you get very specific about poses, but that's okay too since I often get free reign about everything else. I love artistic freedom, I love having small restrictions on my commissions, too. As you know I am a very kind person when it comes to commissioning me (even though I am quite lazy when it comes to communication). If I am unsure about a motive, you even get a WIP, which I am not doing very often anymore, as it is very time consuming to wait for the approval of the commissioner. If there's something you don't like, you point it out in a friendly way and let me know, and I redraw what you didn't like. So far so good, right?

If there are things I absolutely do NOT like, it's the following things:

1. DO NOT ask me to lower my prices for you because you think my art isn't worth it/you can't afford it/don't like the way I charge for Hentai/NSFW content.
If you don't like it, don't buy it, if you can't afford it, save up. But don't come and ask me about a price reduction that I didn't offer you myself (sometimes I do lower the price if I draw something for the first time because it's more like an experiment or practice). I need to pay bills too, you know. I charge way too low given that I live in Germany, where the minimum wage is 8,50€/h (9,50$/h). I spend 5-10 hours on a drawing depending on the theme, and even some more hours if you want a background included. So don't bitch about how I charged you 10$ extra for your tentacle cumflation porn (which easily adds two more hours of work), would you. You want NSFW content? You pay extra (sometimes I won't charge you extra, but it highly depends on the content). You want a commission to be kept private? You pay extra (as I'm not getting any exposure for this piece of art). Your OC has a ridiculously complicated design that gives me a headache when trying to figure out how to draw it? You pay extra. You can either accept this, or not commission me at all.

2. DO NOT guilt trip me for not having read my T.o.S. and Price Sheet/Specials completely/correctly.
I think this one speaks for itself.

3. DO NOT rush me/try to make me work on your commission first when I got others to finish before.
Unless you need the picture before a certain deadline, this is a no-no. You came after someone else, you wait until I get to yours. Messaging me daily won't help you, it'll only make me want to work less on your commission. Also, when I say you have to wait till a certain day until I can start with your commission, you won't get anything before that date. Not a gist, not a sketch, nothing.

4. If I stream your commission and I'm in the sketching phase, DO NOT constantly try to correct me.
I swear to God, make up your mind before you commission me. There's nothing I hate more than being corrected throughout the entirety of the stream, having me redraw a picture 10 times and then having to change it back again because you liked the way it looked the first time anyways. Also, saying things like: "This dick looks weird" "I don't like her tits" don't help me at all. Also please refrain from trying to change my art style into that of someone else and trust my judgement of what looks correct and what doesn't - especially if you have no idea what you're talking about. Having me redraw a dick 10 fucking times because of one line you didn't like and insisting on it makes you look like one. And yes, this did happen, go ask Kaxlene, he's my witness. Also you're annoying for everyone else who just wants to watch my stream, as you destroy my workflow.

5. DO NOT discuss the payment with me.
Payment will always be upfront and without refunds. If you don't have faith that you'll get a quality piece of art from me, don't commission me. Easy as that.

That being said, I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!~
Hello my lovelies!

From today, August 21st until September 16th, you get a 10$ discount on all halfbody and fullbody commissions that include a femboy character, since I need some more practice drawing them ~
Five slots are available for now, the rest will be put on a queue.
Send me a note if interested, or spread the word if you know someone who might be interested!

1. Tasumaru
Almost meeting my goal of raising 300$ (185$/300$), any help is highly appreciated!

Buy a Full Color Full Body Commission (45$) - get a sketch for free!
Buy a Full Color Half Body Commission (35$) - get a sketch for free!

Only 5$ charged extra for Hentai instead of 10-25$

Order a commission of an Adoptable you once bought from me - get 30% off the base price

Iiokai Customs available for 12$

Send me a note, tell your friends, anything helps!
I need to raise some money until the 26th to be able and buy a new dress since I am a sucker for Lolita fashion and its print is perfect for Halloween!
I'd greatly appreciate your help! 200$ are still missing ;-; Commissioning me will help me get my very first brand piece.

I'll be taking 2 ref sheet commission for 60$ each, these will include:
- front/back view
- small bio, in case you provided one
- a color palette scheme
- a small portrait with the expression of your choice
- a profile view


I'll be taking 1 character design commission (a BIG ref of your character) for 100$, it'll include:
- the character you want me to design created from scratch
- front/back view
- small bio
- color palette scheme
- small portrait
- profile view
- 1 alternate outfit

If you're not into ref sheets, there is still one more regular commission slot left that's empty and just waits to be filled! As my poll stated you'll get an extra free sketch with one of these!

Note me if you're interested or boost if you know someone who might be interested!