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It's been awhile since I last submitted anything but here's Ai from KamiNai~ c:
I really like this series a couple years back, the colors in the anime was so pretty ❤ ❤
Went for thicker lineart and softer shading so it was really fun messing around with that!
The composition and anatomy took some time but I like how it turned out<33 I definitely need to train myself to be faster at drawing though. orz
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I like it! Especially the clothes and the colours!!! <3 <3 <3
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Thank you so much!! <33 qwq
LadyTau's avatar
you're welcome! =)
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This looks so great! I like the sunset atmosphere in this picture :D
Fhlen's avatar
thank you so much por!! C:
Porforever's avatar
My very pleasure Fhlen! :love::love:
Natchan23522's avatar
Level up!! (color)(゜◇゜)
Fhlen's avatar
yes!! ( ≧◡≦)و
shiraseo's avatar
beautiful *0*
I like your choice of colors and how you color the background. Its so pretty ^^~
Fhlen's avatar
thank you shira!! I've been liking desaturated colors alot lately ehe<33 I'm glad you like it! C:
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you're welcome Fhlen ^^
I like desaturated color too, it just that I still couldn't be able to choose a better color for desaturated ones ><
hope i can learn something from your art :)
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so gorgeous omg

Fhlen's avatar
thank you!! >7<

chinchongcha's avatar
yeah Welcome back!!! >w< so much cute ><
Her eye is with your style is really beautiful ><
I love the shading on her boot >w<
Fhlen's avatar
Thank you much chin!! Happy to be back >u<
I'm glad you like the eyes and boots! The eyes are definitely one of my favorite things to draw C:
Kelsa20's avatar
Wow! great choice for the colors! *o*
Fhlen's avatar
Thank you Kelsa!! I'm glad you like the colors! >U<
xMayu-Chi's avatar
The way u colored the hair *^* Goals!~
Fhlen's avatar
UWAA I'm so happy to hear that! Thank you!! >V<❤❤❤
l-aeticia's avatar
This is so wonderfully done! I really love the colours * - * Experimenting is really fun sometimes indeed ^ - ^ 
Fhlen's avatar
Yep! It's definitely nice trying something different! 
Thank you so much!! //u\\
NekkoFlan's avatar
Ahh, your shading is amazing ><. The background really complements the serious mood of the picture~.
You should do the thicker line art and soft shading more often! It looks so pretty >u<.
I don't watch this anime but amazing work C:
Fhlen's avatar
Thank you Flan!!<33 I'm glad you think so! The background was hard but I'm glad it paid off! >u<
And yushh- I'll definitely be trying out this kind of style in the future! C:
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