A European Tour
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Published: August 4, 2011
Europe, yes indeed. Two months of running mad through Europe on practically no budget, a glimmer of a plan, and a sketchbook. And now I'm home in the big city, flipping through that little sketchbook, and realizing I might never have a chance to do that again. As a memorial of awesomeness, let the uploads commence! Oh, and to all the wonderful hostel dwellers, to all the great friends I met in line and at beer halls or sidewalk cafes, to the dependable bartenders and patient waiters, to all the adorable children and interesting dogs, to that Ibex I saw, and to the strange drunk homeless criminal who bought me a beer in Vienna, and to a certain beautiful French opera-singer-to-be... thank you so much. I'd say it was like a dream, but really, life seems like a dream ever since I returned, and I can't wait to take another flight across the pond in order to wake myself back up.
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KajmHobbyist Writer
*g* I can't quite recall how it went: you either have to do it while you are young and broke, or when you get old and..... however that went.

From the looks of your pics, I'd say you got yourself quite the grand trip.