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French Comics Heroes Assemble

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Here it is! Here they come! They are the French Comics Heroes and they're coming to kick the asses of all those store invaders who prevent them from gaining recognition from the masses! May-June 2009.

Voilà ! Ils arrivent ! Ce sont les héros des French Comics et ils viennent botter les fesses de ces envahisseurs de rayonnages qui les empêchent de gagner la reconnaissance du grand public ! Mai-juin 2009.

The Heroes/Les héros :

Fantax (Fantax - Marcel Navarro & Pierre Mouchot)
Mikros (Mikros - Marcel Navarro & Jean-Yves Mitton / Mikros 2007 - Jean-Yves Mitton & Reed Man)
Le Gondolier Noir/The Black Gondolier (Mikros - Jean-Yves Mitton / Fantask Force - Reed Man)
Photonik (Photonik - Ciro Tota)
La Bombe Humaine/Human Bomb (The Pact - Reed Man)

The Invaders/Les envahisseurs :

Spider-Man (Amazing Spider-Man - Stan Lee & Steve Ditko)
Lanfeust (Lanfeust de Troy - Christophe Arleston & Didier Tarquin)
Naruto (Naruto - Masashi Kishimoto)
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J'aime beaucoup la construction de l'image, très poster teaser pour une mini série ou un truc du genre...
Pour ce qui m'embête dans le dessin: tu n'as pas noirci le masque de Photonik, la cagoule de Fantask et les mèches de Lanfeust, les antennes de Mikros sont un poil plus longue, non?
Bon voilà c'est vraiment tout con mais voilà^^
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FG-ArcadiaProfessional General Artist
Ouais, je sais, j'ai rien noirci du tout. La flemme, entre autres. Peut-être que je ferai une colo à la place, on verra.
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chuwenjieProfessional Digital Artist
Great job! I love all of the detail that you put into the "invaders" costumes. Naruto looks a little funny though, lol. Overall, this is a nicely composed piece. I'd love to see it in color.
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FG-ArcadiaProfessional General Artist

I'm not very good at coloring, so the colored version will have to wait.

As for Naruto, it was the only character I didn't have images of. I don't own any Naruto stuff because I don't like it, and I didn't bother to look for images of him on the net for the main reason I draw better when far from the computer. His presence here is symbolic because it is the best-selling manga in France and it represents basically all I don't like in manga - Shonen genre, that is to say the most widely known that comes to mind when talking about manga. That's really sad.

Lanfeust is a French comic character who evolves in a fantasy world where characters have wordplay names. It's not bad though, it's just that it spawned many spin-ofs and other streamlined fantasy series which represent something like 95% of the publisher's titles - that is to say a lot of 48 pages-albums sold 12€. Lanfeust is still worth reading though.

Another symbol is Spider-Man. Yes, he is the adult Spider-Man whose marriage was cancelled in a really incredibly stupid story which can be viewed as a huge "Screw you" adressed to readers because they couldn't identify themselves to a man who is married - now Peter Parker is single again and still lives at his aunt's place (and is the protagonist of stories that are not worth the 4 dollars you pay for them three times a month). Is that the way Marvel sees their readers? Editorial decisions are poisoning most of US comics and Amazing Spider-Man is the best example. Ultimate Spider-Man is still good because of non-editorial interventions.
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FG-ArcadiaProfessional General Artist
Lanfeust may be coming soon to the US - I pity the translator.;) [link]

As for Spider-Man, yes that's stupid. It was aimed at the still inexisting new readers coming thanks to the movies to help tying them to the comics. Very logical, as there are already 5 ongoing series with at least as much different continuities. By still doing things like this, comics publishers are digging their own grave.
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chuwenjieProfessional Digital Artist
You're welcome! ^^

Oh, well, make sure to tell me when you do get around to it.

I don't like Naruto that much either, or shonen, but maybe that's becuase I'm a girl, lol. I guess the series is okay - but definitely not the best one I could think of. So yeah, it's a little sad that it's a favorite in France.
Huh, I'm guessing Lanfeust is another French character you can't find in America?
And lol, that's stupid. They should definitely have Spider Man get married- he can't be single for the rest of his life. Besides, it would make him feel more like a real person if he got hitched.
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amazon-of-arcadia Traditional Artist
Magnifique! J'aime beaucoup le rendu final. Le concept est pas mal, de même que la façon dont tu as géré l'espace. La toile de Spidey, et Spidey lui-même, sont très réussis. Pareil pour Lanfeust, qui n'est pas du tout facile à faire. Tu as su garder leurs traits.
L'encrage est super et je suis toujours aussi fan de Fantask.^^ Un grand bravo, mon amour.
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