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blooming in the light

Inspired by Japanese kimono prints.
Contains an Adobe Photoshop pattern file as well as image files!

© 2010 - 2021 ffyunie
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thank you for the patterns!! used them here
Ikesen OC/MC - Aiko by melisssenpai
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Thanks for using my resources!
I used to play IkeSen too, haha. But I haven't touched any otome games in a while ^^;
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Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful patterns! They were of a great help to me! You might be interested to see how I used them:…
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Thank you for sharing these!!
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Oh wow! THis is exactly what I needed! Cool!
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Thank you! They look lovely.Can't wait to use.*Free Icon/Emote* Thank You Pusheen 
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Utilsés sur une coloration (e lineart n'est pas de moi) : Ici
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Thank you for these patterns! They're absolutely gorgeous. I used one here.
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Thank you these are gorgeous used them to make banners for a board of mine on Flight Rising here:…

Thank you!
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Thanks for the pattern, it was great. :D
I've used your pattern in  my work

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Hi! I love your patterns and I used one for this drawing [link] I gave you full credit for the pattern! :D
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hi can i use some of your images to create resin pendants for my workshop?
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I appreciate you asking for permission, but I'm afraid not.
Good luck in your future projects :)
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Used it in this


Thank you for the amazing textures =D
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Thank you! It looks great :)
I love how colorful it is!
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hiii :)
i really love these textures, am i allowed to use them for commercial purposes?
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As long as permission asked, yes!
And a link/credit back to me will be appreciated :)
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Hi! I had too much fun with your textures and here is the outcome xD [link]
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