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Top Ten Things I Want In The Next Super Smash Bros

5 Favourites
PC = Playable Character
S = Stage
AC = Assistant Character (Assist Trophy)
I = Item
BC = Boss Character (Only in Adventure mode, similar to Rayquaza (spell check?) from Brawl)

1. Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep) (PC)
Come on, Disney needs to let their KH characters into a fighting game! Plus, wasn't there like only four or maybe five evil characters in Brawl's adventure mode? With Vanitas, plus the two others, the party will increase. Also he can summon the Unversed from his own emotions (MASSIVE SPOILER ALERT!!!). His fighting style can be based on him as you fight him as a boss in his own game. His final smash can be equipping the x-blade and removed the mask to show his face. But there's going to be a catch why he joined with the others...XD

2. Keyblade Graveyard (Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep) (S)
If Vanitas joins, then this will be his home stage. Pillars of earth will change the field, making other characters change tactics or find ways to deal damage. No actual hazard other than the stream of keyblades bound by Xehanort's magic will hit the player with the lowest damage percent.

3. Dark Pit (Kid Icarus Uprising) (AC)
I couldn't think Dark Pit's moveset without the words 'clone' appearing in my head! So, why not a assistant character? He can shoot down arrows from his silver bow and use his rain of arrows to the stage. Medium chance of killing opponents and can stun others. He huffs before disappearing.

4. Potion (Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy series) (I)
Another lame recovery item. XD
Only heals up to 15%, making it weak compare to the tomato and the Heart Container.

5. Young Xehanort (Kingdom Hearts 3DS Dream Drop Distance) (BC)
I can think of him being a boss like Porky, but he becomes a troll by blocking the path to the final boss!! XD (Like in his own game) He joins around the same time as Vanitas thanks to Bowser and Wario. He's been a watchful eyes to the other groups before they arrived at the final area. Armed with a Dark Cannon, he pointed it to Ganondorf, Bowser and Vanitas to turn them into trophies. Wanting to control everything for himself, he and the final boss teamed up to destroy the heroes, added with his victims. He's armed with his keyblade to control time and everything around him, he can be a dangerous foe to be defeated. The game will allow them player (or players if adventure mode will be multiplayer again...-_-`) to choose up to six, but Vanitas is a locked character.

6. Warrior of Light (Final Fantasy I (Dissidia)) (PC)
Like Vanitas, he's based on his role in his respected games. Be able to channel his own light into attacks, he can withstand many fatal blows thanks to his armor. His final smash is transforming into his knight look, dealing more damage and was dealt with less damage from the others. His role in adventure mode is like in Dissidia, working alone but help other groups when they're in danger. He and Vanitas fought before he learned that the new creatures can take form of other fighters. He was truned into a trophy by Bowser from a surprise ambush, and was later saved by Pit.

7.) Cosmos Throne (Dissidia Final Fantasy) (S)
Warrior of Light's homestage from Dissidia. Ok, not really. XD
No hazards, and straight forward. Knock the characters to the sides or make them fly of the stage.

8.) Ventus (Kindom Hearts Brith by Sleep) (AC)
Armed with his personal keyblade Wayward Wind, Ventus dashes through the stage using strike raids and casting Aeroga. Final attacks are Faith and Salvation, two powerful light base attacks that can kill anyone of near him. Like Starfy, Ventus can be attacked and can fall of the stage, ending his time.

9.) Summonstone (Dissidia Final Fantasy) (I)
Similar to the assistant trophy, summonstones allows the user to call forth an summon from the Final Fantasy series to help them. Rare summons are harder to call forth. Can't be used in Adventure mode.
Ifrit- Uses the power of flames to cast Hellfire to the stage. has a high potential to K.O if percent is higher than seventy percent.
Shiva- The power of ice freezes the stage as she cast her signature move, Diamond Dust. Other fighters are frozen if survived. Can kill if percent is above seventy.
Ramuh- Calls the powers of lightning to cast Judgement Bolt. Same as the others, can kill if percent is above seventy percent.
Bahamut- Summon the powerful dragon to use Mega Flare to destroy the stage (Not really). Can do an instant K.O in about any percent value. Second rare.
Leviathan- Summon the guardian of the sea to wash away other players with Tidal Wave. Can kill anyone with a percent of thirty or higher. Rarest.

10.) Garland (Final Fantasy I (Dissidia)) (BC)
Joined with Xehanort and Vanitas, Garland has been a boss to the Warrior of Light for some time. From the beginning to the very end. He and Mario fight once before Pit saved the plumber. He always rant about the endless cycle of battle to Vanitas, which made the two fight (getting the controls and fighting style for Vanitas for the first time). Before Xehanort, he and the Warrior of Light fought for the final time, just be be killed by Bowser and Ganondorf. Rumored had it that he's the second most powerful member in the group, second next to Bowser.

Yes, there's going to be a second part to this! XD

Kingdom Hearts (c) Square-Enix/Disney
Final Fantasy (c) Square-Enix
Kid Icarus and Super Smash Bros (c) Sora/Nintendo

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i love all your choices but you can play as dark pit if you change pits colors but i wish for his voice over
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FFyaoifan1993Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, but the original Dark Pit was Pit color patterns from Brawl. According to the Kid Icarus/SSB Wiki, that later become Dark Pit for Uprising; only changing his looks so he look identical to Pit with different personality and weapon style.
Also Pit was voiced by Lani Minella (Female) in Brawl. If he returns, then Antony Del Rio (Current Voice Actor) will return as well.
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yeah thats what i meant by different voice over with antonio del rio instead of a female you basically got the thought i was thinking i just didn't write it correctly we both have same minds when i comes to pit and dark pit
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subzeroflamesStudent General Artist
It's actually Order's Sanctuary, not Cosmos' Throne. Interesting concepts though.