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This is a master account compiled of all the Final Fantasy VII plz faces created by Ziggy-Pasta with some animated by VVKiti. If you ever need a full list of the ones created, this is the place to come for quick reference!

If you ever have any suggestions for plz faces that you want, contact me, Ziggy-Pasta, on my dA page with them.

Current Status:


Rules for Using:

:bulletpink:You are free to use these faces in comments, etc., here on deviantART ONLY.
:bulletpink:If you would like to use one as your personal dA avatar, you must credit me, Ziggy-Pasta, somewhere on your page or in your signature.
:bulletpink:Have FUN!

Speaking of credit...

All Final Fantasy VII characters and names are © copyright Square Enix. I do not profit from making these...unless you consider giggles as some form of profit.

All original plz faces are © copyright their respective owners. Links to the originals are provided in each artist comment in the actual deviation and not in the plz account.


Q. What is a plz account?

A. A plz (pronounced 'please') account is an account made specifically to use as emotes/emoticons in comments, journals, artist comments, etc. here throughout the deviantART community. The creator of a plz account will upload a specific picture as the user avatar and name the account in relation to said avatar. Example: A creator wants to have an emoticon of a big heart, so they will create a new account, upload an image of a big heart as the avatar, and name the account "bigheartplz".

Q. How do I use a plz account here on dA?

A. The codes to make the plz accounts appear must start and end with a colon : and for every icon you type in, you must include the word 'icon' in the code. Following that comes the name of the emote or icon. You can find this out by hovering your mouse over the specific icon. Example: Type in :iconcloudlovesyouplz: to get :iconcloudlovesyouplz:

Q. Are plz accounts free to use?

A. Any account you come across that has "plz" ending the name, you are generally welcome to use in comments, journals, artist comments, etc., here on dA. If you want to use one as your personal avatar, it's probably best to ask the original creator. Sometimes it's hard to track down the original creators, however.

Q. How come most of your FFVII plz faces are male characters? Do you play favorites?

A. Short answer: YES. Long answer: I make these per request from friends and I make a lot of these faces as gifts for said friends. They are partial to their favorite characters of course. And I LOVE CLOUD therefore he will most likely outrank other characters.

Q. May I request a plz face from you?

A. Most of the time I am open to requests from deviants. Please see above for my current request-taking status. Please note that I do plz faces in no particular order and all requests are at my discretion. And my personal friends or watchers tend to get priority.

If you have a question to ask about plz accounts, or more specifically these plz accounts, please go to my personal page Ziggy-Pasta and leave me a comment. Thank you!

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:iconcloudohjoyplz: CloudCrisis

:iconzackhurr: FairestSOLDIER

:iconrenohurrplz: RedheadinBed

:iconangealnotimpressed: AngealH

:icontsengnotimpressedplz: Tsengy

:iconsnootygenesisplz: GenesisRhaps

:iconrufushatesitplz: VicePresRufus

:iconsephirothraepfaceplz: SOLDIERSeph

And Kunsel! But he doesn't have a plz face...yet. ShinRaMole

And Reeve! But he doesn't have a plz face yet either! ReeveTue
This is the Master List of all the plz faces created by Ziggy-Pasta (https://www.deviantart.com/ziggy-pasta) with some animated by VVKiti (https://www.deviantart.com/vvkiti).  To the right is the exact code you type in to make them appear in journals, comments, blogs, forums and artist comments here throughout deviantART. Latest News! Hello!  First off, there is a :new: Zack face!  See the Zack section for the icon and icon code! Second ... some of you who may watch my main account already know, but to those who do not watch me ... both myself, ~Ziggy-Pasta (https://www.deviantart.com/ziggy-pasta), and my lovely sissy, :iconvvkiti:, have created a :new: group dedicated to Final Fantasy VII emotes, stamps and icons!  It's... :iconsparkl
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:iconrainbowwaveplz1::iconrainbowwaveplz2::iconrainbowwaveplz3: :iconrainbowwaveplz1::iconrainbowwaveplz2::iconrainbowwaveplz3: :iconrainbowwaveplz1::iconrainbowwaveplz2::iconrainbowwaveplz3:


:iconvincentohjoyplz: :iconhojoyesexcellentplz:


scared sephiroth is scared
 -- :iconzackchu1plz::iconzackchu2plz::iconzackchu3plz:
:iconzackchu4plz::iconzackchu5plz::iconzackchu6plz: -- :iconzackchu4plz::iconzackchu5plz::iconzackchu6plz:
:iconzackchu7plz::iconzackchu8plz::iconzackchu9plz: -- :iconzackchu7plz::iconzackchu8plz::iconzackchu9plz: