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Nexus 4 Fullscreen PSD

Always the same : there is an amazing PSD for the iPhone - nothing like that for the Nexus.
This one is "inspired" by MatGallipoli's iPhone 6  PSD :
Actually I just copied some layerstyles and made some small tweaks to them. 

Hope you like it!
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Thanks mate! :)
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Absolutely perfect ! :)
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Thanks a lot! :)
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Ive tried downloading a couple of your .psd file but every time I open them I get this message    "nexus_4_ultra_flat_psd_by_ffra-d75hlg5.psd' failed: Error loading PSD file: Unexpected end of file"  any ideas? Thanks
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For others they seem to work.
My Photoshop sucks sometimes too. Maybe reinstall it?
Sorry mate, can't help you with that. :(
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I get the same error everytime with every of your beautiful psd's, damn :/ but very nice :)
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That is strange. Did Google say something?
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Unfortunately not. I also tried GIMP but same error :/
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Gorgeous. Can't wait to use this.
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FFra Podría hacer un PSD de un LG G2 (blanco) o (negro) minimalista porque he estado buscando un PSD minimalista del g2 pero no encuentro ni uno podría hacer uno para mi me seria de mucha ayuda responda si puede gracias.
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i made a submit with it, looks dope thanks :) vendetta
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Looking good! :)
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