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MAXIMAL Icons [Updated]

By FFra
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I needed a break from my DETA set,
and created these ones. They are
inspired by Minimal MIUI & the Long
Shadows project.


:bulletblue: [2013|09|21] :
complete overhaul, fixed shadows, icons added, round version added,
new preview, scaled down to 128px

Hope you like 'em !
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jesusboy81Hobbyist Digital Artist
Blahahahahaha!!!! I'm still cracking up over what you told Qaptaas when he posted "512x512?"

"Can you type in a full sentence?" AAAAAAhahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! I just can't, I can't stop laughing. No pun intended Qaptaas. That was just funny to me.

If you don't mind. I would really love to use your icons on and HTC Sense 7 Theme. Let me know if I got your permission.

If not, no biggy. You icons still go hard. If so, :D (Big Grin) !  
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512 x 512 ?
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Can you type in a whole sentence?
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Do you have an image that is 512 x 512
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Nope, sorry.
Qaptaas's avatar
no problem, :D .
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haze007Student Interface Designer
A gallery icon on the same type will be nice. More icons will be nice as well :P
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There is an icon for the gallery. ;)
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Can I use this as an iphone theme, for personal use only?
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Yes! ;)
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1r4k35t Artist
I used the facebook icon(and changed it to red) for this 1r4k35t.deviantart.com/art/inf…
FFra's avatar
Alright, just add a link to my icons please ! Good luck with your speech ! :)
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1r4k35t Artist
Will do and thanks.
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nice icons man..!!! can i use this icons for themer beta ?
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You know what ? I found a themer-theme that 
already includes my icons. It has 37000 downloads
and no one knows these icons are mine. I did not 
even know about that.

Yes, you may use them if you say that these icons
are made by me somewhere.
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Thank u mate, i will add credits there .Nod 
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Looks really good... awesome work!
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Thanks a lot ! Appreciated ! :)
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DuljeStudent Digital Artist
Thanks man! I've been looking for some nice and simple square icons for a while and then I remembered you! Always quality stuff. Keep it up! ^^
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Damn man ! I truely appreciate your words !
Thanks so much ! I'm glad you like my stuff ! :thanks:
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Maximal icons look so splendid on my screen. Thanks for sharing your icons.

If you're taking icon requests, I would love icons of the following:
falcon pro
folder explorer (generic)
eye in sky
e-reader (generic)

Thanks in advance.
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Thank you ! Will see what I can do ! :)
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Thanks for taking the time to work on them.
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thechampishere03Hobbyist Digital Artist
preview psd please man! please please!
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