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Deviation Actions

Here lies the Importance of importance.
The Group Rules and Guidelines.

Joining is free, unless you are willing to donate 1000 gil! We welcome all fans, but there are rules that members must follow in order to keep the group from going out of control.

You don't have to contribute anything in order to join the group; we just want everyone to read the Rules/Guidelines and understand them.

This group is to showcase the beautiful fanarts of the Final Fantasy series! We also provide the latest news regarding upcoming FF games. Since we receive a multitude of deviations per day, these guidelines are created to control the flow and keep everyone's inboxes from flooding. It will help members and watchers from constantly spam-clicking the Delete button.

:bulletblue: Our standard gallery submission vary from medium to high quality level works. Everyone has their own style in creating beautiful masterpieces! It doesn't have to be amazingly presentable because we know that everyone varies in skill level. We judge the work by quality/composition/concept.

If we are unsure about it, we compare it other works that you have in your gallery. We are more likely to "Decline" works that are a few years old, with few exceptions. Avoid sending in works that are a couple years old.

:bulletred: We will not tolerate Art Thief. If we discover art work that is stolen, the member will automatically be removed from the group without a warning.
  • Digital/Traditional art works are acceptable. All works must be completed. If the work is very graphic (gory/bloody/etc) or has nudity, it must "Matured". Members can be sensitive or much too young to view it.

  • No quick sketches, scraps, works-in-progress, lined-paper works, or poorly scanned works. We don't accept Base Arts or alterations of Official Artworks. (wallpapers/avatars/etc.)
  • Cosplays, Arts and Crafts, and Photography are acceptable. For cosplays, arts and crafts (sculptures, clay modeling, etc.) we prefer them to be completed.  We pay close attention to not only the completed costume itself, but at the scenery or where it was taken. Backgrounds are essential to the photography.
  • Works of Fiction are acceptable, but it should proofread and your own original piece.
  • Shoujo-ai/Shonen-ai works are acceptable. As long as they do not violate any of dA Rules (pornographic, etc). We will not accept explicit/matured works (Hentai) in relation to these works.
In regards to Kingdom Hearts and other games that have Final Fantasy Characters, they are acceptable as long as the work only contains FF Characters. They'll be placed in the Folder from the game they originated from.
  • We don't allow fan Original Characters or characters from other games non-related. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (not Crystal Bearers) and Final Fantasy Online (XI/XIV) are the only exceptions from this rule.

    Limit yourself to one (1) deviation per submission. Don't give us your whole gallery. It must be approved/submitted into the gallery before you can submit another one. Once it is approved (or seen in the gallery) give yourself 2-4 days before submitting again. Be considerate of our inboxes (Message Centre).

    If your works get "Declined" don't feel rejected. Challenge yourself. Practice even more. Please don't feel obligated to leave the Group just because your deviation was Declined. We know that you can create better works of art!

    If you read all these guidelines and are able to follow the rules; then you are ready to join!

    Simply go to the front page and click "Join the Group" and within the box you MUST state that you have read the Rules/Guidelines and end the sentence with the word: "Kupo"

    This shows how carefully you have read the Guidelines of the Group. Be creative. Feel free to give us gifts; it may appear in our Manor.

    Click here to join: finalfantasyinfinity.deviantar…

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I did see that you mentioned no characters from other video games, works, etc. But for my story of my first runthrough of FFVII, I'm wanting to include myself, to show my reactions to plot, enemys, etc. If I was not in it (or rather, the guide), then I would have Cloud act WAY out of character to some things, or contradicting himself sometimes(like during the first boss with translation issues).
mo0ntrigger's avatar
I have a question, do you accept photographed painting? I don't have any available scanner so I'm hoping it would be accepted.
ProwlOwl's avatar
Read the rules.
FFI-Guidelines's avatar
Please note that Comments here will barely be read since this is an account to hold the rules in different languages.
Please if you have any concerns or issues or questions, please NOTE the group FinalFantasyInfinity
Rihnolo's avatar
Oops I forgot to say KupoD:
HimitsuItami's avatar
Read the rules and I plan to follow them
MunirBinJulaihi's avatar
Just one question; do you guys accept 3D renders?
FFI-Guidelines's avatar
it really depends.. its a very hard and questionable topic for the admins. Some just take the models and pose them, while there are other who recreate the models which might be accepted. Right now we are placing them in the Favorites folder.
MunirBinJulaihi's avatar
Okay, noted. I do make 3D renders on my side, however. But I do love to hear from the admins if they accept some 3D renders though.
BlackMage--Lulu's avatar
I read the rules and was declined joining the group.... very confused.
FFI-Guidelines's avatar
You must have missed something 
BlackMage--Lulu's avatar
I think I'll pass. 
I read the rules and still got denied,
it really isn't worth the hassle.
MikazukiMAN's avatar
Same here. They must be just accepting people that give 1000 points. All I did was ask to join. Did not submit anything. Oh and I read the rules so dont try that on me. Just mange this group better. You are pushing away new members
KiraiMirai's avatar
Read and they will be followed. > A <
NyxEphriham's avatar
Read and will be followed. Understood about the shonen-ai part since I love yaoi.
KevinOLyatt's avatar
Okay, I've followed all the guidelines so far. It's been about a week since I posted a picture, and it hasn't been reviewed yet (not accepted, not denied.) Does this mean that my picture was denied?
FFI-Guidelines's avatar
Hello! Sorry for the delay!
It's best to note the group if you have an issue because comments might be missed and I wont be able to help you :(

Right now we are going through a lot of deviations, and each one goes through a voting process. Some quicker than other, while others may have concerns or questions. We discuss each deviation too. But since all of the admins also have to deal with life outside of deviantArt, there is a delay. I'm sorry if this caused you some frustration.
KevinOLyatt's avatar
It's all right, I just wasn't sure what was going on.

>"It's best to note the group if you have an issue because comments might be missed and I wont be able to help you"

You might wanna throw that into the guidelines. If you did, I guess I missed it. Lol
The-Happy-Skwid's avatar
Well I've been sitting in the approval stages for over a week now so I assume I'm in the declined pile which is a shame. I have no decent skill with art itself but I enjoy photographing my figures. Again, I'm not the best but I have one or two nice photos.

It's kind of ironic I can't get into a FF group when I run a dedicated FF merch blog ( and was a runner up in the Super Fan contest >.<
FFI-Guidelines's avatar
If you havent been accepted or declined, it doesnt mean that you are in a "decline pile". There are alot of members and deviations which are mixed in the voting process. We dont leave you hanging, the admins do vote. :) Just hold on tight, they will get to you :)
liquidcyberpunk's avatar
why was i denied to join the group?Am i missing something?
FFI-Guidelines's avatar
yes you are. You are missing a key element to joining the group. It's something for the admins to make sure you've read them :)
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