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Fear of the blank page by Ffey Fear of the blank page by Ffey
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MatejCadil Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Tak pro to mám velké pochopení. Zrovna teď se s tím akutně potýkám. (chystám se pustit do jednoho většího obrazu, mám to vymyšlené, ale nějak mi nejde začít)  ;-)
Jakeukalane Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
To me this happens as a external force. I mean, when I am too bad of mood to do anything. But as I can't drawing (all I do is fractal art, photomanipulations and literature but not drawing) I can't understand just (fully) the fear of blank page as blank page. Being unable to draw I always have in my mind precise images of things I would wanted to draw... sometimes I blocked just because so many things I want to do.

Anyway, this image seems like it has an story behind. With you permission I will try to do my own story, that most probably won't fit with your own but maybe you like (I really hope so).

here it is: Fear of the blank page
Ffey Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2017
thank you, i would never imagine that someone would write something based on my picture, i enjoyed it a lot and you have a wonderful imagination.

i think what you describe is something else, than what i wanted to show in the picture. in the picture it is a situation, when you are in creative mood, you enjoy what you are doing, all the muses kissed you, but you just can't bring yourself to make the first stein on the paper because it seems like a huge important thing that can easily go wrong and is irreversible. Also blank page is full of possibilities and when you make a decision to make a specific stroke, you limit the possibilities what could happen on the page.

But i also get what you describe, but for me it's internal thing (it's caused by emotions and they are internal), i often have that problem.

You wrote a nice story about making the world better through art, and i enjoyed reading about how you imagined the world. It's interesting that you made the horned race (i was unable to give them a name yet,nothing is good enough :D) descendants of elves and humans (how do you explain the horns? and they have also tails btw :)). They are just aliens, but there was a period when i was young and started reading fantasy books and thought that my aliens very resemble elves and started to think about them as elves. but as the world and their history evolved, they became very much not elves  anymore, only the pointy ears remained (before, they had ears in shape of half maple leaf). As they are individuals, there are some among them who would kill anything that would touch their crop and some who would prefer to starve than to kill, but they would certainly dislike having to blend into other races and endure injustices, they would probably leave (or burn) the city and settle elsewhere. The name eanari actually fits the kind of names they have :)
Jakeukalane Featured By Owner Oct 30, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
really welcome :) glad you think it was imaginative. 

Yes, I notice know that is a very different thing. Anyway I am glad to have happen to had that kind of block and be able to overcome now (and I hope my nexts blocks are my usual ones). 
Also blank page is full of possibilities and when you make a decision to make a specific stroke, you limit the possibilities what could happen on the page

The horns are because of their feeric/elvish heritage. I like the idea of elvish with horns :)  Nice, that your aliens have tails, that also adds :D Interesting about the evolution of the ears :)

Hehe, mine were more idealistic and close to the stereotype of elves. But I liked the idea of elves burning cities out of injustice (I know yours are aliens).

I have another elvish-orkish races that would be more similar, I have to develop them more.

I finally published the story here: Fear of the blank page (a little tale). Hope is all fine, I left the image in low resolution. Sometimes people see only the preview and a big image and they think that the work was the image and not the text. I hope with this size of image that would not happen.

greetings and thank you again for the inspiration you gave to me with this images and with many others previously. I always like to image stories although I write them down not very often.

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August 22, 2017
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