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So I have various characters and I wanted to write about them.

Emerald Fox: 

Mature Content

Emerald Fox captured and hypnotized. by Bowen12a

Emerald Fox is the leader of a small group of heroes in Zephyr City.  His best known power is super speed.  He can run about 70 mph for 2 hour straight without stopping, but only if he's wearing his special boots.  Otherwise, he'll mess up his rather soft feet.  Also, he's a decent fighter since he can swing any limb at a high rate!  He got the name Emerald Fox because he loves green but also because he's extremely clever and can focus on a problem very closely; however, he's also susceptible to hypnosis due to this.

Cerulean Barracuda:   CB test1 by ffeettoonn
Cerulean Barracuda is the second hero in Emerald Fox's group.  His origin is unknown, but it's believed he's from an ancient, underwater civilization.  His powers include hydrokinesis.  He can control water:  freeze, boil, melt, even use as a weapon.  If water isn't available, he can use his own sweat.  He also has sharp teeth and a steel-tearing bite, but the vegetarian hero normally wears faux teeth over them so he can blend into society better.

Red Rocket: 

Mature Content

Red Rocket Issue 01 by ffeettoonn

Red Rocket is a scientific and technological genius.  He's also the third hero in Emerald Fox's group.  What he lacks in supernatural or inhuman abilities, he makes up with his ingenious works, such as a self-running powersuit -- that got a mind of its own and almost sent him into space.  He also invented Emerald Fox's special boots!  Despite his inventions not always working out and being a bit absent-minded at times, his heroic heart is in the right place!

Teal Thunder:  Tealthunder by ffeettoonn
Teal Thunder is the fourth and final member of Emerald Fox's team.  Originally, it was only supposed to have three, but Teal Thunder is the product of an experiment of Red Rocket's.  Essentially, he created a lifeform out of pure energy, but encased it in a human body.  The human body contains DNA from all three members.  Red Rocket isn't even sure what to consider him.  He's not quite human or a cyborg.  He can't speak, but he can listen and emote.  His powers include the ability to switch from human to energy for short periods of times.  He can also create electrical and magnetic currents at well.  Despite his powers, he's very naive since much of the world is very new to him.  Fortunately he's a quick learner, especially with the help of Red Rocket, Emerald Fox, and Cerulean Barracuda!

Again, if you follow me, look at my gallery, etc., most of my stuff revolves around my male foot fetish, but I like to also create deeper backstories for my characters.  Well some of them anyway, :-P
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They're awesome, I want to see more of them
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