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Since people wanted to, I decided to show the rough draft of the Emerald Fox story I'm working on.  It's a rough draft.  Hoping to finish it in the coming weeks.

    Lucky Lass and Crimson Python, dressed in civilian wear, were sitting on the couch, watching TV.

    “Wanna order pizza,” Lucky Lass asked, obviously bored.  The superheroes were having a rather dry evening.

    “S-s-s-s-sure,” the other hero replied, licking his fang-like teeth with his tongue.

    “Ugh, I know you don’t naturally talk like that.  You know that annoys me,” she replied with a glare, tossing a couch cushion at him.  He contorted, ducking down, dodging the tossed projectile with ease.  He sat up, only to feel it hit him in the back of the head anyway as it unnaturally bounced back.

    “Lucky shot,” he said.

    “Hey, what are you guys doing?” a slightly high-pitched voice called out.  Out came a young, ambitious hero by the name of Emerald Fox.  He wore a green leotard and black briefs, a black lightning bolt on his lean yet muscular chest.  Green fox ears peeked over his short red -- practically orange -- hair as he held onto a pair of boots, his bare feet stepping across the smooth floor of the superhero “hideout”.

    “Just chilling,” Crimson Python replied, unhinging and adjusting his jaw a bit as he relaxed further.

    “Well, we should be prepared, shouldn’t we?” he said as he slipped his boot over one foot.

    “Eh, there hasn’t been a crime worthy of us here for almost 3 weeks now.  Ugh, and could you please wear socks with those?” Lucky Lass said with disgust.

    “I told you, these form to my feet when I put them on so I can run fast.  Socks mess that up.  I take them off in my room.  You never smell them,” he reassured.

    “I know, but even just the thought grosses me out,” she said, looking at the younger hero with a scrunching her nose.

    Emerald Fox rolled his eyes, putting the other on as their team leader, Freedom Strike, came out.  Emerald Fox stood up in a combination of eager adoration and respect.  “So what’s on the schedule tonight, sir?”

    Freedom Strike rolled his eyes, sighing heavily, unused to having someone so uppity on his team.  Emerald Fox was an intern recruit, replacing Turquoise Tiger temporarily until he recovered from an operation to help control his mutation.

    “Well, I’m going to Cyclone,” he said.

    Crimson Python stood up, doing a goofy little dance, “I could go for a good dance--”

    “And a few stiff drinks,” Lucky Lass replied with a smile on her face.

    “Wait, I can’t go there,” Emerald Fox said, a little disappointed.

    “Crap, uh, you could use the training room for a few hours,” Freedom Strike replied, shrugging apologetically, forgetting that Emerald Fox was only 19.  Suddenly, the TV turned on, it was their chief supervisor from The League, The Great Mind.

    “Team Freedom,” she began, “I’m glad to see one of you is ready for tonight,” looking at Emerald Fox who smiled, a bit proud.

    “I need you to suit up and investigate a some unknown psychic disturbances in the warehouse district.  I sense a new villain is up to something rather sinister.”

    Lucky Lass rolled her eyes, “Freakin’ psychics,”

    “What was that?” their boss retorted.

    “N-nothing!” she said, obviously a bit frightened.

    “Why would you lie, she’s psychic,” Emerald Fox whispered.

    “Shut up,” she whispered back.

    “Anyway, Team Freedom, I’m looking to you to investigate.  I want a full report tomorrow!”  the TV turned off.

    “Neat, my first real mission!” he said.

    Meanwhile, Freedom Strike was pissed.  The one night he decides to go out, he’s called to investigate probably nothing but a class D villain.

    He then looked at Emerald Fox, already dressed and raring to go.  “You’re right, it is your first real mission.  You’ll be going out solo.”

    “Solo?  But that’s against the rules of my internship.  Rule I think 3--”

    “It’s fine.  I think you’re more than ready.  Just run in at 300 miles per hour, before the psychic can even detect you, punch him out, and apprehend him.”

    “Well, that’s also--”

    “What Free Dumb Dumb means,” Lucky Lass interjected, “is that we are sure you are more than capable of handling a minor psychic disturbance.  And here,” she pulled out a small earring and clipped it into the furry fox ear of Emerald Fox’s costume.  “It’ll bring you luck.”

    “Really?” Emerald Fox inquired, unsure how Lucky Lass’s powers even worked.

    “Well that and its stream to our phones so we can check if something is going awry.”

Again, just a rough draft.  Thanks for reading / any feedback appreciated.
If I wrote stories about Emerald Fox and his friends and my other OCs, would anyone be interested in reading them here?  Most would involve m/m relationships and occasionally feet, GID, wrestling / fighting.  The first one I'm thinking of doing is Emerald Fox's origin story -- why he has that name, etc.  Unsure if I should write more erotic scenes or not or fade them out to black or somehow maybe do like:

"Emerald Fox then took off his suit."
If you'd like to read something more hot and steamy, click this link; otherwise, continue...
"The next morning, Emerald Fox..."

Just a thought.

Feedback would be appreciated.
More characters!

Commander KO and Cadet KO

Commander KO -- the perfectly indestructible -- but not unbeatable -- hero.  Commander KO discovered young in life that he is virtually indestructible.  No matter what happens to him, he cannot be killed or even scratched!  He's survived being buried alive, going without food and water for over a year, and even sucked into a black hole and yet he's still here.  Unfortunately...he still feels pain and said pain still causes him to get knocked out.  A strong fighter and intelligent, he's been a hero for almost a decade.  Here is his original blue and orange outfit:  

Mature Content

Captain KO / Iron KO / Iron Strike Concept by ffeettoonn
.  For a long time, Commander KO worked alone, until he met Cadet KO! 

Mature Content

Captain KO / Iron KO / Iron Strike by ffeettoonn
  A young teen that somehow has the same, identical indestructibility, but since he's younger and lacking training, his physical strength and pain tolerance is a bit lower.  At the same time, Commander KO got a new outfit: 

Mature Content

FullHealth by ffeettoonn
.  The green indicates his health is fine.  Cyan is 100%, but then

Mature Content

Danger by ffeettoonn
is the color his outfit will change when he's unconscious.  Cadet KO wears a similar outfit as well.  Cadet KO really admires his mentors and hopes he can be even half the hero he is.  The two make a great team, but they are far from perfect: 

Mature Content

Commander KO by ffeettoonn


Mature Content

Ame-Fist Colors by ffeettoonn

Mature Content

Ame-Fist by ffeettoonn

Ame-Fist is a martial arts genius, able to master over 20 styles of martial arts before the age of 5!  He is also extremely quiet, so quiet that he is incapable of producing sound when he wants, making him perfect at sneaking around.  He wears a a lycra one piece that stirrups around his feet and goes up to cover his mouth.  Normally he wears boots, but he often he feels most at home when barefoot.  He's friends with Emerald Fox, but loves to travel so turned down his offer to join him in Zephyr City.  Born in February, making his birthstone Amethyst, he took on the name Ame-Fist due to his martial arts prowess and his rock-hard defenses.  Unlike Commander and Cadet KO, Ame-Fist has never been knocked out -- in a fair fight anyway -- but he's been defeated in a lot of other ways such as hypnosis.

Like these descriptions?  Let me know...
So I have various characters and I wanted to write about them.

Emerald Fox: 

Mature Content

Emerald Fox captured and hypnotized. by Bowen12a

Emerald Fox is the leader of a small group of heroes in Zephyr City.  His best known power is super speed.  He can run about 70 mph for 2 hour straight without stopping, but only if he's wearing his special boots.  Otherwise, he'll mess up his rather soft feet.  Also, he's a decent fighter since he can swing any limb at a high rate!  He got the name Emerald Fox because he loves green but also because he's extremely clever and can focus on a problem very closely; however, he's also susceptible to hypnosis due to this.

Cerulean Barracuda:   CB test1 by ffeettoonn
Cerulean Barracuda is the second hero in Emerald Fox's group.  His origin is unknown, but it's believed he's from an ancient, underwater civilization.  His powers include hydrokinesis.  He can control water:  freeze, boil, melt, even use as a weapon.  If water isn't available, he can use his own sweat.  He also has sharp teeth and a steel-tearing bite, but the vegetarian hero normally wears faux teeth over them so he can blend into society better.

Red Rocket: 

Mature Content

Red Rocket Issue 01 by ffeettoonn

Red Rocket is a scientific and technological genius.  He's also the third hero in Emerald Fox's group.  What he lacks in supernatural or inhuman abilities, he makes up with his ingenious works, such as a self-running powersuit -- that got a mind of its own and almost sent him into space.  He also invented Emerald Fox's special boots!  Despite his inventions not always working out and being a bit absent-minded at times, his heroic heart is in the right place!

Teal Thunder:  Tealthunder by ffeettoonn
Teal Thunder is the fourth and final member of Emerald Fox's team.  Originally, it was only supposed to have three, but Teal Thunder is the product of an experiment of Red Rocket's.  Essentially, he created a lifeform out of pure energy, but encased it in a human body.  The human body contains DNA from all three members.  Red Rocket isn't even sure what to consider him.  He's not quite human or a cyborg.  He can't speak, but he can listen and emote.  His powers include the ability to switch from human to energy for short periods of times.  He can also create electrical and magnetic currents at well.  Despite his powers, he's very naive since much of the world is very new to him.  Fortunately he's a quick learner, especially with the help of Red Rocket, Emerald Fox, and Cerulean Barracuda!

Again, if you follow me, look at my gallery, etc., most of my stuff revolves around my male foot fetish, but I like to also create deeper backstories for my characters.  Well some of them anyway, :-P
I highly doubt I will even start this project, but I was curious, if I were to make a platformer with different characters -- Emerald Fox, fighters from the other ideas, etc. -- where "losing" puts said characters into perilous situations such as being tied up or KO'd similar to Final Fight and Ninja Gaiden's game over screens (with lots of male feet involved) would you play it?  Could make the goal of the game to see if you can discover all of the peril or the more perilous situations you get into, the stronger your character gets.  Consider this my "feet" greenlight.  It'd prob. be for PC released on some website or through paypal donation; if you'd be interested, let me know.  It's a project I may start in 2015.  Also, if you have any interesting ideas or characters, feel free to share.

So far the best idea I have is that there are three character types:  heroes, sidekicks, and civilians.

Heroes can attack and get hit the most.
Sidekicks can get only a few times and have weaker attacks.
Civilians cannot get hit and cannot attack.

So like Emerald Fox is a good fighter and can get hit three times -- each hit probably results in some clothing / boots coming off -- the fourth hit being game over, :-P
Meanwhile, a sidekick character could be like a psychic who can't really attack but distract and can be hit once, the next being game over.
A civilian character has to sneak and rush through a level, otherwise one hit will knock them out.

We'll see...I have some new characters such as Captain KO -- a hero with K and O on the stirrup of his tights which are exposed all too often when he gets his socks knocked off, :-P, and prob. a tent name -- that I want to draw who would be perfect for it.

If I wrote m/m stories would you read them?  I RP a lot, but maybe I should start taking those ideas and just write them in stories.

The m/m would range from light romance to foot and tickling stuff with probably a lot of fighting game influences and tones.

I have some story sets:
  • Emerald Fox and co. (not entitled that poorly)
  • The Space Tourney (The 8 characters from the fighting game journal forever ago)
  • Xylan the Slime Prince
  • My own version of Teen Wolf I guess
  • The Prince and the Squire
  • Horvak the Minotaur Explorer

Those are just some of the ideas.  Not sure if they'd be short or long.  Just some musing of something I may do...not sure...need to do more art of some kind soon...well not NEED but would like to.

Should I consider commissions?  Would anyone order them?  What you want if I did them?  I know I can't do animations -- tried an art trade and ended up failing; they took too much time.  Just curious to hear thoughts.  Thanks!
Trying to organize my Emerald Fox art.  I may start making the character...more of a character?! (bio, background, etc.)  We'll see -- probably not, lol.
Doing a new series...

I was going to do Piers Vs. Dante but thought I'd ask if anyone had a particular request...if you can find the XPS character, I may do them instead...
Been doing some .gifs.  I made a longer animation    (like ten seconds, big whoop).  May just put unlisted on my YouTube for now...this anim is ok...didn't notice the pop until I rendered...oh well...
So seeing how my latest piece(s) was popular, what do you want to see next?  It can be character or a situation or both.  These are requests, but in no way, shape, or form, a promise that I will do it.  Some things to keep in mind to make it more likely I'll do something you want to see:
  • Keep it to one character:  faster render, faster pose time, etc.
  • If you can find a link to the XNALara character, it'll be a big help!
  • No female characters, sorry!
  • Feet need to be involved...kinda my thing...
  • Will only consider if you comment here; do not note me...well, you can try noting me but it'll make it less likely...

The tourney I started is sort of on hiatus as it was taking too long.  Maybe I'll continue it eventually.

Haven't been really inspired to continue the tournament lately.  Been busy with other stuff, and after seeing more Emerald Fox artwork made, I sort of want to work on things with him more.  Just not sure what...
So here are the match-ups I decided on!

1.  Killer Croc Vs. Hwoarang
2.  Batman Vs. Nathan Drake
3.  Virgil Vs. Bryan Fury
4.  Jann Lee Vs. Reptile
5.  Piers Vs. Bayman
6.  Dante Vs. Chris Redfield
7.  King Vs. Superman
8.  Steve Fox Vs. Robin

I don't think I'll do the first set in this order.  I'll do some sort of versus pic when I actually start, :-P 
So I have the 16...

1.  Steve Fox (Tekken)
2.  King (Tekken)
3.  Hwaorang (Tekken)
4.  Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
5.  Dante (DmC)
6.  Virgil (DmC)
7.  Bayman (DoA)
8.  Jann Lee (DoA)
9.  Superman (Injustice)
10.  Reptile (MK)
11.  Killer Croc (BAO)
12.  Robin (BAO)
13.  Batman (BAA)
14.  Piers (RE)
15.  Chris Redfield (RE)
16.  Bryan Fury (Tekken)

Who do you think should win?  Not sure how I'm going to decide the matches either, so if there's one you wanna see, let me know, :-P  This is just for fun...  that is all...
I think I'm going for a list of 16 fighters to do some sort of comic / fighting tourney thing.  For fun...  After that I'll try something else if I get time.  Unlike drawings, I may actually do this!  So far this looks like the list of combatants:

1.  Batman
2.  Bryan Fury
3.  Dante
4.  Robin
5.  Virgil
6.  Bayman
7.  Jann Lee
8.  Hwoarang
9.  Nathan Drake
10.  Chris Redfield
11.  Piers from RE
12. - 16. are to be determined.  If you have any strong opinions, feel free to post!

Also, comments are always appreciated on my stuff, as well as favs, :-P
If you can find an XNALara / XPS model to work w/ I might consider doing what I do...I'm trying to get a collection of characters to do something similar to what GyakuXryona does.

I am really bored...if you have similar interests to mine -- see my favs -- send me note!

Still recovering from my blahs, but doing a bit better each day.

Anyway, I'm working on a fighting game.  Think Dead or Alive but all males...and all probably barefoot, :-P

If you'd be interested in helping in some way, send me a note!  I have all 8 characters -- plus one guest character -- drawn out.  Here are their links:

Army guy:…
Strong Man:…
Business Demon:…
Aquatic Lucha:…
Ninja Lion:…
Orc Mage:…
More Humanoid Werewolf:…
Dr. Doom Inspired Boss:…

Would be cool if I could find someone to draw nicer versions of the characters for like character select.  Would be super awesome if I could find someone to help me texture the characters as I'm doing it in 3D.  Not sure how far I'll get, but it's just a side project I'll work on from time to time, :-P
Feeling very bleh lately...

Ever have a friend disappear and have no reliable way of contacting them, assuring they've gotten your messages, letting them know that you care about them?

Rejected, ignored, powerless are words that all come to mind...

And others tell you to move on and forget about them but you don't want to...

Because you just don't know...

If I were depressed, trying to get away from everything for a bit, I'd probably still appreciate someone waiting for me, trying to cheer me up, but even that person would have a breaking point...

And if I'm supposed to take the hint, I'm just not doing a good job...

Idk...just writing this down in the hopes I can start feeling better and moving on...
It's a bit early, but Happy New Year.  Hopefully you'll see more stuff in 2013...if you like the kind of stuff I do...enjoy my latest pic:… (I may redo the lighting in the near future)