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Xylan Levi-Whon:  The Slime Prince by ffeettoonn Xylan Levi-Whon:  The Slime Prince by ffeettoonn

Name: Xylan Levi-Whon the Slime Prince (Xylan for short)

Race: Human / Slime
Sex: Male
Age: 26
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 175lbs
Eye Color: Switches between brown and green

Hair Color: An extremely dark green that looks almost black

Skin color: Caucasian

Demeanor: Xylan acts like a stereotypical, spoiled prince -- snobbish, arrogant, bossy -- to not only his army of slimes but to most people -- a bit lazy.  If you become his friend -- which is a very big if -- he's very loyal and caring, almost nurturing, a side he rarely shows.


Slime whip:  Xylan wears only a pair of black, stirrup tights, all of his other attire from his crown to his vest to his boots are slimes, which he can use as whip-like weaponry.

Slime Brainwashing:  Xylan can summon a slime to sometimes enter someone's head and either brainwash them or hypnotize them entirely

Slime Cube:  Xylan summons a dozen or so slimes to encapsulate his enemies in an impossible to escape prison of green!

Hulking Slime:  Xylan is very intelligent but he can take all of his slimes unto himself and make his muscles and himself grow -- unfortunately, he loses some brainpower in the process.

Occupation: Prince / ruler of all slimes (that are willing to obey him)

Work-related Skills: Fighting/ defending his people, slime summoning and manipulation, slimekinesis, hypnosis

Physical Description: Xylan is very lean, swimmer's build.  He loves to swim, sometimes he'll make his slimes turn into a pool just so he can exercise.  He can also become large and hulking, covered in muscle, but he only does this in a battle he's about to lose -- though sometimes it doesn't help the outcome anyway.

Typical Clothing/Equipment: Xylan wears just a pair of black stirrup tights.  He wears a circlet over his spiky hair, a vest, gauntlets, and boots, all of which are semi-transparent green.

Habits: Talking to his slimes, yawning

Hobbies: Collecting or stealing treasure, finding subjects -- willing or otherwise -- napping, getting massaged, defending slimes

Disabilities: Arrogant, hard to gain trust, lazy

Siblings:  None that he knows of.

Significant Others: None

Speech patterns: Tries to use big, condescending, or regal words

Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Feet, muscles, muskiness, being slimed or oiled, sliming others, getting his socks knocked off (losing a fighting in a dramatic fashion), hypnosis -- giving and receiving, being constricted

Pumkinkiller777 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016
Very awesome OC you have :)
ffeettoonn Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016
Thanks! I should draw more of him >_<
Pumkinkiller777 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2016
I agree~
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