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2018 Secret Santa Event! (all pairs given!)
Star! hi all! this year I've chosen to host a secret Santa event Star!  
if you're not familiar with them its basically works by giving each entrant another entrant's character to draw (in secret) for them to post around December as a gift!
what you need to know!
-open to anyone of any artstyle and skill! and both digital and traditional allowed, & the pairs are random. please put effort into your gift! no sketches/must be finished to make it fair
-comment your filled out 'wishlist' form to enter! (find it at the bottom of the journal)  In it you will need to have links to your characters of choice, maybe a selection of 3 or so to give your partner a bit of option in case theyre unable to draw your first choice, whether you want your gift to be 'Chrismas/Holiday/Festive" themed or not, and whether you want to apply to be a backup! those of which i may contact if someone never r
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For the Love of No-fur
    So small, so scrawny, this man pup. His stubby legs, his tiny hands with no strength in his grip. All wrinkly skin and no fur in sight. Yet this warmth in my chest! My own pups – bold and strong – then him, so shy, so slight.
    But so bright. His wit a star for them all. No-fur and fur; pink, black, brown and tan; a right pack of scamps.
    The trash can? The work top? No high spot past his grasp. No child lock past his skill and my pups’ claws. Then tasty crumbs for all. The band of imps at play.
    Many months on. Most of my pups far from me in new lands with new folks now. Only black pup for me. Black pup, and no-fur. Still, we warm in my big plush bed, black pup, no-fur, and me. Then puppy class for black pup, potty class for both, and first words for no-fur – all steps on the way to new skills and fresh tests. They both strong. They both bright. My boys.
:iconsquanpie:squanpie 5 6
Thank You for Your Patience
    “We’re experiencing high call volume, please hold the line.”
    Time trickled through the hourglass to the strains of smooth jazz. Sands blown across the wasteland.
    “We apologise… the delay… Please hold.”
    Crackling static, cracked dry lips.
    “Please hold.”
    The phone hissed its message:
    “…soon as an operator… available… your call.”
    Clenched in bleached bone fingers.
:iconsquanpie:squanpie 4 7


15 deviations


Hello! I reached Blossom level a while ago and thus gained my first transformation slot! Since I'd like to have esk from different biomes, I am looking for a swap.

What I'm looking for:
- Marine biome
- A boundary on the open ocean
- Preferably Blessed transformation tier (200 GP), but lower is possible
- He'll be an adventurous traveler, but I don't mind whether his creator is a traveler, trespasser or abnormal. His past form was a shipwrecked boy lost at sea, but he will have very little memory of his past life.

What I'm offering:
- A transformation by my esk Vasilisa:
TWWM Vasilisa (#900) Tracker
Vasilisa (#900)

Growth Points: 272.5
Origin: traveler // Nature: primeval // Boundary: aurora lookout // Size: delicate // Morph: arctic
Nature feature: Narrow-leafed campion (Silene stenophylla)
Biome: polar
Uncommon traits: none
Rare traits: none
Collection: MYO (Nursery)
Masterlist entry: 900
Feel free to draw or write about Vasilisa! If you do so, please show me what you've made :)
She's quite the traveler, so she can be encountered anywhere.

{ Description }
Being an arctic morph, Vasilisa is long-bodied and short-legged and has a thick, soft mane. She is delicately built and, standing upright, almost human-sized. Her crown, made of narrow-leafed campion flowers, blooms all year round. Her fur is incredibly soft and cold to the touch, for on the inside, she is made up of snow and bird
- She's from the polar biome (so your esk can have the polar morph :D (Big Grin))
- She lives on the east coast of Kamchatka.
- She's been an esk for 30.000 years, so your esk can be created quite deep in the past if you like
- She usually only performs transformations after a creature's death
- She's a traveler herself, but the resulting esk can be either traveler or trespasser
- She can do transformations up to Rare (250 GP, unlimited NF's, uncommon, and rare traits)


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