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Her Throne
The cliffs looking out over the sea are Vasilisa's favourite spot. After long travels, she likes to sit here and watch the waves roll, the gulls fly, the sun rise, the clouds roll by and the aurora dance in the night sky. She loses track of time, and seasons pass before she moves again.

For origin prompt 8: Their Haunt
Show us the area of their boundary where they feel most at home.
Lime Green Dot Bullet - F2U! Where do they spend most of their time when they are in their boundary? Do they have any possessions or favorite locations?</i>

Base Score: 10 AP (Shaded Illustration)
+5 AP (Full Body Bonus)
+20 AP (Full/Scenic Background)
+50 AP (Origin Prompt)
+5 AP (Personal Work Bonus)
Total AP per submission: 90

Base Score: 4 GP (Shaded Illustration)
+2 GP (Full Body Bonus)
+6 GP (Full/Scenic Background)
+10 GP (Origin Prompt)
Total GP per submission: 22
PaperChainProject - Eldwin
Have some Halloween spooky vibes for my submission for :iconpaperchainproject: Sketch Round 34. Character is LurkerMatt's Eldwin. He is a Rachibit, a species created by SilverSugar

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Got taggedby InterfectorFactory  

Rules: You can't pick starters or legendary pokemon as in answer in any of the questions except in questions 19-21
It would be unfair to be able to pick those pokemon in any question, because I bet all of us has like 5 favorite starter or legendary pokemon, and I'd like to see some love to other pokemon than these!

As an answer you can use a pokemon sprite from the bulbapedia webside, just search a pokemon and there should be pixel sprites of it on their bulbapedia page.

1. What's your favorite BUG type pokemon?
Leavanny. I just think it looks pretty, and I like its pre-evolution too. 

2. What's your favorite DARK type pokemon?

3. What's your favorite DRAGON type pokemon?
Flygon! Dragalge is a close second, but Flygon has nostalgia in its favor.

4. What's your favorite ELECTRIC type pokemon?
That's a tough one. I like a lot of early electric types just for nostalgia's sake. But I'm going with the Luxray family.

5. What's your favorite FAIRY type pokemon?
Gardevoir! So pretty and so strong <3 Azumarill comes second. I had both in my team in AS and they were so great!

6. What's your favorite FIGHTING type pokemon?
Definitely Lucario! He was (is?) my all-time favourite, and I loved the movie.
Spr 5b 448.png
7. What's your favorite FIRE type pokemon?
So many beautiful 1st gen fire types ;.; I'll choose Ninetales for this one.

8. What's your favorite FLYING type pokemon?
This is impossible. I love all the birds ;.; I'll just go with Farfeth'd, because, well, it's amazing.

9. What's your favorite GHOST type pokemon?
Sableye without a doubt!

10. What's your favorite GRASS type pokemon?
Aaah, there's too many great ones here! Let's throw nostalgia out of the window for a moment and take Lurantis, 'cause it just looks so good with those pinstripes.

11. What's your favorite GROUND type pokemon?

12. What's your favorite ICE type pokemon?
Snorunt, adorable little thing.

13. What's your favorite NORMAL type pokemon?
Oof, same as with grass, there's too many favourites here. Let's take Persian, because it's a cat.

14. What's your favorite POISON type pokemon?
Hm... Roserade.

15. What's your favorite PSYCHIC type pokemon?
Spr 5b 196.png
16. What's your favorite ROCK type pokemon?

17. What's your favorite STEEL type pokemon?

18. What's your favorite WATER type pokemon?
And again a type that's impossible to pick just one from. Well, when in doubt, choose Magikarp.

19. What's your top 3 favorite starter pokemon and why?
#1, Treecko! Ever since I played Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time. He was my teammate there, and of course Grovyle was awesome in that game. Also picked Treecko in AS.

#2, Charizard and his pre-evolutions! Because... just because. 
 Spr 5b 006.png
#3, Cyndaquil! Such a cute

20. What's your top 3 favorite legendary pokemon and why?
#1, Ho-Oh. I didn't use to like it, but now it's my favourite. Not sure why. Partly because it's the first legendary seen in the anime, I guess?

#2, Uxie. I love the lake guardians, because I like how they embody consciousness. They just have a cool concept and design, and I think Uxie is the prettiest.

#3 Lugia used to be my favourite, I just like its design. It has dropped two places, but is still in my top 3.
Spr 4d 249.png

21. What's your top 4 most disliked pokemon and why?
Eh, I have to agree with InterfectorFactory. This is just... well, I'm not sure. It's horrible.
Spr 6x 660.png
Spr 5b 534.png

And I don't really like looking at this one either.

I tag: 


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