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Christmas 2018
Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to all!
Overwatch Discord Server
https://discord.gg/QBUzDjR If you like/play/want to play Overwatch then feel free to join my new discord server
birthday wishes
thanks again to everyone who messaged me with the birthday wishes :D


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Hi and I'd love to ask you something.

I heard your a fan of Baiocoislandfilms and so am I but I'd love to show you what I created and it's Thomas and also Baioco related. 

TTTE Sodor SWAT Force for Baiocoislandfilms. by ColbyJames2902

I made this as I commented on Hellfire part 2 and 3 mentioned why the last two workmen in Hellfire ended up being arrested according and implied by Baioco, 

It was said that if you see Edward pulling a train of 3 carriages towards the end of Part 2 of Hellfire, along with his driver and fireman and the traitorus Special Constable Scarlett aboard, the train was also carrying 50 SWAT officers, including Edward's Second in Command Sergeant Coleman, 

Remember the scene where the policeman whom I named the traitorus Sergeant Addington holds Edward, his driver and fireman and the 50 SWAT Officers hostage before Edward ordered Percy to open fire on Scarlett and Addington, you rememeber the start of Part 3 where Edward fights in a gurrellia warfare right in the Quarry yep these Officers did but not on Edward's place but in another quadront of the quarry, these three I drew are actually edits of The Inspector, James's Driver and Fireman I edited into Sergeant Coleman, Constable's Bordelles and Wright, they where the ones who arrested the last two workmen of the last two one was responsible for murder of Bill and Ben, I wanted to make this in collaboration to "HELLFIRE" as it's Baioco related I hope he will love this with respect to Baioco, I also made a badge on them 24th Sodor Police Force and how the Sodor team would be like if introduced in future, yes I had to shade a lot of the overalls the engine crew wore in Thomas to a Policeman's violet blue colours, I also shaped a art creation of British Army Mark 6 Combat Helmets I implied this would be what Sodor SWAT teams would wear, they would also have nametags on them, 

It might not intrest you FfarquahEngine but at least It's a first step into creation of something Thomas Related, these days I am mostly busy with Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends books on the other hand, but hopefully no disrespect Ffarquah hope you enjoy my creation as we are fans to Baioco. 

Colby :) 
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it's a cool idea but I don't have the time, I'm sorry
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Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great one :D
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Happy Birthday! :)
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