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A Present From Santa


A Present From Santa

(SSBHM, XWG, magic) This was the first year that Theo would be spending Christmas alone. Usually spending this time with his family, Theo had a very busy work schedule and was not in a good enough situation to take time off for himself. Since travelling to his parents’ house would have cut too many hours away from work, he made the decision to spend the holidays alone. His family understood, they knew that it was Theo’s first couple months at his new job and he desperately wanted to do well in a profession that he was new to. Working right up to 7pm on Christmas Eve, Theo returned to his apartment exhausted. He was happy that Ch

Fitness Roommates


Fitness Roommates

**This story contains topics suitable for 18 YEARS OR OLDER! Read at your own digression. This story contains themes of realistic(ish) weight gain (ie. 150 pounds – 800), mentions of challenges being overweight. This story is 3360 words, and 6 pages long, was gonna be part 1+2. This was a story I had saved for a bit. ENJOY!** Zach and Tyler have been friends for years. They first met in their freshman year of college, and Zach and Tyler were both fitness buffs. Their bodies were toned with dense muscles, but Zach was much larger. Zachary studied Athletic Training and Tyler studied Nutrition over the years. After 4 years of college, the

Founder of the Spanish Club


Lindsay (XWG Story)


On the Patch (SSSBHM, XXXWG, Reality Warp)


On the Patch (SSSBHM, XXXWG, Reality Warp)

Franky sighed rather loudly, hopefully catching the attention of his coworkers. No one seemed to notice, or rather care. Each one just stood and stared off into space, looking as though their souls had been sucked out; some actually might have. Everyone knew what day it was and everyone dreaded it. Physical check up in the office. It was something the boss had come up with a few years ago. It was supposed to make sure everyone was fit and healthy after spending day in and out at their desks. Documenting souls into a computer for 12 hours straight was one thing, but standing in line for the boss to berate us for being “overweight” or “not looking healthy enough” then going through a hardcore exercise regimine was actual torture. Someone once suggested cutting back on hours so they could get some proper exercise; that person doesn’t work here anymore, they might not even be alive. Franky tugged at his suit and tie for the hundredth time, trying desperately to make it look looser.

First Meal of the Day


The Hotel Texas


The Hotel Texas

Everything is bigger in Texas. Harmon reread the slogan on the crisp brochure in his hand, then looked around to find that it was shockingly accurate. It was much to take in, and the hotel seemed to grow in every direction as he traversed through it. He wasn’t exactly sure how he had even ended up at the sparkling reception, speaking with a smartly dressed concierge in the first place. All he knew was his suite number and that the bellhop would bring his bags to the room. “Bags?” He repeated to himself, barely aware of the elevators ascent. He was almost positive he hadn’t brought anything with him. The gilded fixture

Dreaming of Fatness (Short Story)

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Request: Angela

What do you think of my OC?

Thanks for the fav!

of course! thanks for the great stories as always

i Was going to ask are you opening commissions right but I can tell they are closed

lol never would've thought you'd fave something I made, thanks for making my day and keep up the amazing art :D

Hey sorry to bother did you do a picture of kagome and sango eating cake the remake of the old comic by fmsu i couldnt find it in your gallery or am I thinking of someone else?

I did but deleted it as the characters are underaged. Sorry to disappoint