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In efforts to use any free services from now on, I have decided to close my shop and just have everything here. It's been fun, but still requires a lot of website, PHP, HTML coding, and PrestaShop knowledge / maintenance that I just want to all go away now. I am more interested in creating now, than managing. I will be slowly posting all my shops products here at DeviantArt. ^_^

I have also decided to let Voreville go. It's been long overdue.

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Thank you for thinking about us, I will look forward to your work and I will support you in what I can, by the way I was thinking that it would be a good idea that in the future you could sell audios that tell a story of vore, for example that the sound tells you the story where A girl is attacked and eaten by a snake, another where a couple enjoys some time together until a snake spawns and devours the girl or something like that, the truth is I have many ideas, if one day you get to have a Discord channel me gistaria share with you some of my ideas, greetings and be careful with the snakes 🐍🐍🐍🐍👣👣👣👣
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I had a very sexy voice talent a few years ago, but it’s been awhile and I lost contact with her. She read a lot of our member stories at Voreville. She did a very good job. I almost want to package and put those stories up for sale again. ^_^

What a pity that you no longer have contact with her, you should put up for sale the content you have of those stories, I would be the first to buy them hahaha, I confess that I have a fetish for feet and vore and honestly voreville was always one of my favorite places, it was a pity that years ago I could not be subscribed so I could not see any of the original content, but now I know that I can do it thanks to you and your vision, I have an idea to design a vore video game, as well as some stories, I am really looking forward to your work, if there is something I can help you with here you have someone who enjoys seeing a snake with a tight bulge with the shape of a sexy girl, a hug and my best wishes 🐍🐍👣👣
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That is wonderful! Go crazy with your vore game! I am glad to hear that you favored us! It's always nice to hear other artist's experiences. I hope that your vore game is created soon! I will be the first one to support YOU on that! Heck maybe we can work together and I can help create the graphics for it? ^_^

Thanks for the comments, the truth is that I have thought many ideas for the game I plan to design and the main idea would be a snake devouring sexy girls. The idea would be for one to take control of a hungry snake, one can choose between various types of snake available where there would be variations of sizes, colors and styles and of course the basis of the game would be to stalk, catch and devour 4 girls, I know this kind of games require a lot of development but the idea is to create certain kinematics that change depending on the chosen snake, for example if one chooses a classic medium-sized green snake, we know that the animations where the girl devours would be with the same style of the snake, create a small animation where you see the process from catching the girl until it ends with a tight bulge, I also thought that being an exclusive game that only subscribed people can access, we can add snake styles, events or gifts that people can buy to support spending. Of course, this is an idea I have at the moment and even though I have designed stories and sketches I still need to carry it out, but I plan that at the end of this year I can have some progress, what do you think? I know it is an ambitious project but it is something I have always dreamed of, I also know many artists in Deviantart who can collaborate in some way, I know that today everything is money but I would do this for pleasure, for personal pleasure.
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Yes! That sounds fun! I would love to do it for pleasure as well! As long as you can find programmers to code it, I can help make the art for it! ^_^

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