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I keep getting questions about how long things will take to get done.

Here’s my answer to that.

It’s taking longer because I am doing everything on my own now. Thanks to those who decided to give out my art for free, I have less funding to hire a team again. Funding is necessary for hiring the best talent out there. Good artists and content costs money, contrary to what some people think. Sadly, years of this, has put me on the brink of stopping all of this, but I'm trying to push through.

Take our custom created 3D Anaconda model for instance. For the past 16 years (birth of Voreville) after the Anaconda movie was released in 1997 (24 years ago), no one out there has made a movie quality 3D anaconda except my past team. The production of that 3D model took the hiring of a team of 3D artists that took months to complete. I don’t even want to think back how much money we put into that model.

To this day, I still don’t see a movie quality 3D anaconda out there for anyone to purchase. Yes, there’s some out there, but none the quality of the one that I had pushed to create 16 years ago. I certainly wouldn’t be able to do it, and it would require me to hire someone who could. This just proves that money DOES help in the production and quality of vore art out there… any art out there.

Think about it, with ALL the snake vore art and animation out there, why hasn't anyone else come up with an even better model by now? Why hasn't anyone even tried to make a full movie quality anaconda animation or movie like the 1997 Anaconda movie? Why, because it takes an unimaginable amount support and funding, that's why. That's why only huge movie companies can do it, and only can do it with the right amount of support as well.

The point that I am trying to make here is this… when you decide to share artist's paid content for free, you are hurting them and everyone that works for them. The trickle effect happens and effects everyone on the team working on these special projects. The bottom line is, if you actually like what the artist does, support them by leaving nice comments and not sharing their paid content. Support them by purchasing their art and keeping it safe just for you. You can make a huge difference. Yes, please do share all the free content put out there though.

I know all the haters out there will bash me and continue to share my art, but this had to be said again to remind those that DO care. If you want to see more exciting new vore content in the future, I need your support and understanding during these difficult times. If you care, please don’t share.

Thank you,

- Stacey

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Everything you say is very true, it is not easy to create something of superior quality and of course it takes time and resources, I believe that you are on the right track with your new project but of course everything in due time, for my part I keep thinking make stories and if possible 3D drawings, in fact I will give you a short story. Stacey came home after a long day at work, she was very tired and her feet ached, she went into her bedroom and left her bag on her chair, sat on the bed and noticed that her window was open but did not remember having left her like this this morning, she thought maybe she forgot, after all her window is at the height of a big tree, who could climb there, Stacey took off her shoes and started spreading her toes while giving she massaged her soles, but suddenly she had a strange sensation and when she turned her gaze she noticed a huge jaw open in the direction of her, she could not do anything, just scream, but her screams were silenced and replaced by a hhmmmnm! 🐍🐍👣👣

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Thanks for your support Voretail. I appeciate it. Nice little story! ^_^

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No Need to push.. Go With the flow and keep things coming as they come… your own art is your own, its noone elses and ist seems to be good then…

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Yes true, I guess I should take it as flattery that some people want it that bad. Hee hee…. ^_^

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True dat.

I think that appealing to the empathy of those that are sharing our sort of work isn't going to do much though. Most of the time I just think they couldn't care less about us independent-creator-types :P

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Yes it’s unfortunate but I thought I would just put it out there. I’m always a glass is half full kinda gal. ^_^

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