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Snake Vore Sexy Girl Becomes Late Night Snack!

By popular demand we have exclusive, strictly head-first, snake coiling / eating sexy damsels video final edits. They were all originally for making full length vore videos with a beginning and ending, but it appears that will not happen any time soon. These are NOT full devourings from head to toe. I just did not want these edits to go to waste so I just decided to add a little text backstory to each of them for extra imagination. This clip does NOT reflect everything described in the story below. These are the very last of the live action model edits until I can hire them again one day. I hope you like them!

These snakes are like NO other. They have no mercy! They only enjoy coiling and constricting their prey for fun, but their real enjoyment comes from eating the victim alive. These special alien mutant snakes chomp and chew their prey alive! Their special mouths absorb ANY fluids that spew out so there's absolutely no mess! Enjoy the dramatic music, peril screams, bones crushing, and eating sounds in this final edit!

I have also included an erotic moans version where you can her that she's enjoying her devouring! So HOT!

The Story:

John asked Jenny to pose in her sexy lingerie next to his already fed pet snake. She wasn't afraid of it because John reassured her that it was fed prior to her arriving at his front door in a trench coat. Little did she know, that he was so over her. He wanted nothing to do with her so he decided to get rid of her once and for all. He allowed her to believe that he was hot for her and wanted a night of hot passionate sex with her. He got her to pose and play with his pet snake. Little did she know that he only fed it a very small meal and had not fed it in weeks prior. It was STILL very hungry. He pretened to leave the room, but let his hungry snake into it. It unleashed it's hungry fury and quickly subdued her. As she was swallowed whole head first, he watched and enjoyed every minute of it!

Watch this sexy damsel peril in DVD quality 720 x 480 size resolution! Length: 1 minutes 27 seconds.

Click the download arrow button above. Thank you for your support! ^_^
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By far the sexiest of the releases so far. .. IMHO

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Thank you DT!!! ^_^

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Well.... I purchased it. But my anti virus is detecting it as a threat and won't download.