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Sexy Spider Demon Hot Legs Transformation

Having fun with video editing! Too much fun! ^_^
How's this super sexy transformation. Sexy spider demon ready to suck you dry!

Special Download - Meet Spindee in HD 1920 x 1280. Hear her sexy, sultry voice as she describes herself and how she enjoys eating her delicious prey! So yummy! ^_^
Length: 1 min 33 seconds.

Click the download arrow button above. Thank you for your support! ^_^
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Sigh...god Spindees gorgeous...great work Fetty!!!

Does the pay download show her visually? If so happy to buy her

If not sorry but Im visual in my love of Spindee

If theres any other stuff you have on her Id love to get access to it, drop me a note



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I was working on getting something full for this transformation, but I lost my team so I really only have this transformation part of Spindee. Eventually when I raise enough again, I will try getting this completed as a full video story! ^_^

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Thank you! I love working on doing post editing visual effects.. its so fun! Now I just need to rehire the models to make more! Yum! ^_^