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My First Coils

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I guess it's not that bad after all. I just merged a few files together, moved the coils in position and voila! I will start with an image sequence first to get a handle on all of this. Animations may or may not come... we'll just have to see how my testing goes. ^_^  Click to download the 3.1 megapixel version!  Thank you for your support! ^_^
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Goodness gracious that’s amazing quality !!!

See? Screw hiring people when you can do as good a job by yourself !!

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Thank you! Well, I was lucky. I have some of the 3D Studio scene already set up because I was doing the final rendering. I can at least take them apart and learn from them, so it's managable! ^_^

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She got some cute feet and french toess mmm love that :3 and the toeringg's cute ngl

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Yes! I am glad you saw the details! I love french manicures...they're so cuuuute! I think it makes her an even MORE delicious prey! ^_^

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Oh i'm a detail guy ig haha! Yupp french is my fav too

Too bad most of the vore comics/videos do not include french toes :(

Also, almost forgot, I wish you the best in your new start..may better days come and screw sharing :3

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Thank you so much for those words of encouragement. It's still fun learning the tools, so I'm happy to be actually creating more now instead of project managing.

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