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Live Action Final Snake Vore Edits 01

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By popular demand we have exclusive, strictly head-first, snake coiling / eating sexy damsels video final edits. They were all originally for making full length vore videos with a beginning and ending, but it appears that will not happen any time soon. I just decided to add a little text backstory to each of them. These are the very last of the live action model edits until I can hire them again one day. I hope you like them!

These snakes are like NO other. They have no mercy! They only enjoy coiling and constricting their prey for fun, but their real enjoyment comes from eating the victim alive. These special alien mutant snakes chomp and chew their prey alive! Their special mouths absorb ANY fluids that spew out so there's absolutely no mess! Enjoy the dramatic music, peril screams, bones crushing, and eating sounds in this final edit!

I have also included an erotic moans version where you can her that she's enjoying her devouring! So HOT!

The Story:

Vanessa wanted to be the sexy Valentine's day treat for her lover so she put on her sexiest stockings and hot red silky dress for the occasion. Unfortunately for her, she became the edible treat this Valentine' s and will not be celebrating it next year. Enjoy watching this gorgeous, fancy, black colored, Manhattan heel, fully fashioned stocking pinup girl in a silky hot red dress get coiled and devoured alive!

Watch this sexy damsel peril in DVD quality 720 x 480 size resolution! Length: 4 minutes and 14 seconds.

Click the download arrow button above. Thank you for your support! ^_^

Thank you for your support! ^_^
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Where's the download link? On the website?

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?? Silly ^_^'s at the top of this page... the down arrow with the line under it.

I think maybe there's a misunderstanding. The description makes it sound like it's a video,, but the download is really for just the image. Not sure if that's intended.

Anyway, good to see teamstaceyli back in action! It seems work is going smooth and fast while being super high quality. Very amazed to see this! You guys will get really far. Best of luck.

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Hi there! Thanks for your kind words!

Wait what?! It is the main image, but you can buy the video. You can’t see that option?

"Premium - Buy for $6.25

96.54 MB ZIP file. Includes ZIP

  • Img 0159 0161 Final Combined 96.71 MB"

Sorry if that wasn't clear. ^_^

Oh I see it now! Thank you

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Oooh! I really want to see the "erotic moans" version! Sexy prey like her deserves to enjoy every moment of it!

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