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The aliens have landed and are taking over the world!

They are using their reanimation magic to turn ordinary items into living beasts! The have found the easiest way to capture humans and turn them into their food source. Their newest idea is called the "Juicer". They transform blankets into live digestion sqeezing machines! Once the blankets detect human prey, it wraps around it's victims like the outter layer on a sausage. It becomes "one" with the victim. As the prey wiggles to escape, it triggers the beast to wrap it's prey even tighter. While it constricts it's victim, it secrets a digestive enzyme that slowly liquifies the prey. It squeezes so tightly that all the prey's liquid nutients are squeezed out like a juicer. Once all the nutrients are squeeze out, it turns to a poop brown color indicting that the victim is about to expire. However, that is only day one. This is a three day process and needs to go through two more cycles before the juicing process is done. By keeping the human prey alive two additional days, the aliens can enjoy their catch longer. The aliens enjoy a nice glass of human juice for three days and then consume the leftover carcass. This one was fresh squeezed an hour ago!

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This is absolutely superb! Love this image and the story that goes with it. The idea of the victim being alive inside and aware for several days is so sexy!! I can imagine those faint whimpers from within those folds.

Is this part of an animation or film from your shop?

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Thank you! I am glad you like the vore twists in my works! This is just a small production from my old shop. I have everything here now. ^_^