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Cloud x Tifa 3 by WhiteFoxKitsune88, literature

FFVII - The Road We Choose Pt. VII by MagicRat, literature

FFVII - The Road We Choose Pt. 6 by MagicRat, literature

FFVII Old Ghosts Epilogue by MagicRat, literature

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Has anyone noticed that the Weapons are basically Kaiju?
Can I Join this group 
The board game Final Hearts is a Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts cross over game at JCINK, set in the world of Terra, where all the worlds are countries and easily accessible by things such as airships, boats, planes, and so on. Our story currently uses Kingdom Heart's darkness plot but will snowball into other things as time goes on. The lifestream is also spitting out dead nobodies, dreams and the dead themselves. Meaning you can play anyone who died. Please head over to our humble game, click on the forum Onto a Prelude and read through the information. We also welcome original characters as well. Thank you. <3

www.fanfiction.net/s/4689214/1… - Pairing SephirothxTifa

Raiting: T

^_^ I advise everyone to read ^_^

Hello everyone! Quick question: is the Article Archive being updated or moved, as I can't seem to access it? Please let me know! Thank you! c:
The current webmaster is working on a complete overhaul of the site, so it might be related to that. I'll ping him about it.