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FFVII: a little SYMPATHY plz by snailtamer FFVII: a little SYMPATHY plz :iconsnailtamer:snailtamer 51 58 Sephiroth - Planet Corruption by koloromuj Sephiroth - Planet Corruption :iconkoloromuj:koloromuj 3,381 406 Smile... by CrimsonSun Smile... :iconcrimsonsun:CrimsonSun 271 44 Cloud in clay by panaceanplague99 Cloud in clay :iconpanaceanplague99:panaceanplague99 4 0 Cloud by Kaizo107 Cloud :iconkaizo107:Kaizo107 90 6
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We also have an archive of older favorites, located here.

Members can submit any suitable FFVII fanart they want as faves to the Members' Faves gallery, except for their own. If you want to share your work with the club, please join (if you haven't already), then submit normally.

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Cloud only
Cloud Icon and Cursor (Final Fantasy VII) by MikariStar
Chibi Cloud Figure by omnislash083
Lighting Elemental by tunetherainbow
Cookie Cloud  -Gingerbread Strife- by omnislash083
Aeris only
Cestra: Aerith by Kadajo
Tears of the Planet by Hisui-no-Afurika
Communing with the Planet by Kaja-tan
Tranquility by Rhoey
Cloud and Aeris
We stay together - Clerith by FuriaeTheGoddess
Love beats the death - Clerith by FuriaeTheGoddess
Cloud Aerith: I'm the last... by Rinoaxyzriana
I'm your bodyguard... right? by ClassicalNocturne
Tifa only
Tifa Icon and Cursor (Final Fantasy VII) by MikariStar
Cosplay - Tifa FFVII 02 by chibiasta
Tifa's 7th Heaven by Momorii
FF Pin-up Girls FF7 Tifa by emotionalflare
Cloud and Tifa
Reminiscence of a promise by Momorii
+ 2011 Happy Birthday Cloud + by chibiasta
FF7 - Tifa + Cloud - Promise by roolph
Childhood Memories by tunetherainbow
Vincent only
Chaos Vincent Icon and Cursor (Final Fantasy VII) by MikariStar
Vincent Valentine is Back in Action by JereduLevenin
Kingdom Hearts Vincent Valentine, color test by JereduLevenin
Silent Nightmare by ghostfire
Yuffie only
Yuffie Icon and Cursor (Final Fantasy VII) by MikariStar
Yuffie's Giant Cookie 2 by MikariStar
Let the Battles Begin by Zarsu
Victory by Zarsu
Sephiroth, Jenova, and the Remnants
FF7: Jenova Walk Cycle by peannlui
Sephiroth Icon and Cursors 2 by MikariStar
at last by Rafleshia
The Party Members and AVALANCHE
Strifentine, Kingdom Hearts edition by JereduLevenin
F F 7 - Group Chibi by roolph
Haters goin' hate: Yuffie+Cait by mango-chan88
Contemplation of ones duity by artamisalbrya
Shinra and the Turks
Reno Mail by MikariStar
Zack and SOLDIER
Genesis Icon and Cursor (Final Fantasy VII) by MikariStar
Other Characters
Lucrecia Crescent chibi by Airafleeza
Other Pairs
+ 004 Dark + by chibiasta
Other Groups
Turks Retirement Comic, page 01 by JereduLevenin
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Fan Characters and Miscellaneous
Childhood Friends by Rhoey
Gunsmoke in Gaia (original sketches) by JereduLevenin
FF7 Citadel April Banners by peannlui
I'm closing this group until further notice, the main reason being that I'm not around much anymore to maintain it.

If you had a deviation expire since the previous update, I've sent you a request to include the expired work in this group.

Sorry about any inconvenience :(
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:bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletred::bulletpurple: WELCOME! :bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletgreen:

This is the official deviantART branch of The Final Fantasy VII Citadel, one of the oldest and most respected FFVII fansites on the internet.

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletred::bulletpurple: RULES :bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletgreen:

Membership is open to FFVII fans both old and new, and fanartists, cosplayers, and fanfic writers of all skill levels.

If you wish to join, you MUST read the following rules before doing so.

• This should be obvious, but all works must have something to do with Final Fantasy VII and/or its spinoffs. Crossovers and Kingdom Hearts, Dissidia, etc. works are fine, so long as a significant amount of the content is FFVII-related. On a related note, fan-created characters are also acceptable, but they must clearly be FFVII-related.
• What we accept: fanart, fanfiction, and cosplay.
• What we don't: photomanips, mods, screenshots, and any kind of customization (wallpapers, skins, banners, icons, etc.).
• Collaborations should have all credit given where it is due. For example, a cosplayer submitting a photo must credit the photographer and any other cosplayers in the picture (if they themselves are the photographer, this should also be made clear). The same holds true for lineart/coloring collabs. (See this post for further details.)
• Copies (including directly "referenced" works), tracings (including vector tracings), and plagarized works in general are not permitted. On a similar note, fanworks containing any official artwork/logos, etc. will also not be accepted.
• Works should be listed in an appropriate category.
• Works with mature content must be marked as such.
• Newcomers wishing to join should type hello midgar, and also note that they have read these rules, in their join request.
• Members should submit only their own works to the group's gallery. Works by others should be submitted as faves. All faves must adhere to the same rules that apply to members.
• Up to two submissions are permitted per member, per day. Members are also allowed up to two favorites per day.
• Yaoi, yuri, anthro, and furry deviations are acceptable as long as they follow the rules.
If you ever have a question or need clarification about any of the rules, please ask!

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletred::bulletpurple: LINKS :bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletgreen:

- The Final Fantasy VII Citadel
- FFVII Citadel Forums
- Twitter: ff7citadel
- Facebook group
- Google+ page
- Steam group

:bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletred::bulletpurple: CREDITS :bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletgreen:

This club was originally founded by ChibiTaryn and is currently maintained by R-Kasahara.


:bulletgreen::bulletyellow::bulletblue::bulletred::bulletpurple: Want to affiliate with us? Here's the details... :bulletpurple::bulletred::bulletblue::bulletyellow::bulletgreen:

We prefer to affiliate with clubs/groups that are related to FFVII, Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts/Dissidia in general, Square Enix in general, and/or video games in general. Please do not advertise groups in the comments!

Additional affiliates: CloudAndKadaj | Cloud-x-Leon-Club | ff7 | FF-Crisis-Core-Club | OnlyReno-FanClub | TifaLockhart-Club | VideoGameCosplay







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The board game Final Hearts is a Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts cross over game at JCINK, set in the world of Terra, where all the worlds are countries and easily accessible by things such as airships, boats, planes, and so on. Our story currently uses Kingdom Heart's darkness plot but will snowball into other things as time goes on. The lifestream is also spitting out dead nobodies, dreams and the dead themselves. Meaning you can play anyone who died. Please head over to our humble game, click on the forum Onto a Prelude and read through the information. We also welcome original characters as well. Thank you. <3
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