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Welcome artists! This group is dedicated to XNA Lara art regarding Final Fantasy. Anyone can join, and everyone is welcome. Please just read these quick rules I have for you, I won't make them too long. :D

:bulletpurple: Must be a member to submit art.
:bulletblack: This is an XNA Lara artwork group for Final Fantasy games only. Please submit only XNA Lara works of FF.
:bulletpurple: Please put your art in the correct folders.
:bulletblack: Adult is allowed, but please put it in the "Adult" folder.
:bulletpurple: Please be courteous and kind to others.
:bulletblack: Everything should all be automatically approved except for 'Featured'.
:bulletblack: Please submit ONLY your best work to featured.
:bulletpurple: 1 Deviation per week is allowed.
:bulletblack: You are welcome to post FF XNA Lara work that doesn't relate to XIII.
:bulletpurple: Feel free to use other rendering programs, but make sure you have used XNA Lara.
:bulletblack: Refer to folder descriptions for clarification on what can be submitted.

Thank and have fun! :meow:
Don't worry about breaking the rules. This group would be rule free but the rules that I do have are for organizational purposes.




Gallery Folders

! Luna Noctis 02 - 2019 ! by Sreliata
! Aerith 002 - 2019 ! by Sreliata
Happy Easter by Verahnika
Portrait 001 - Prompto by KylieStylish
Final Fantasy VII
Tifa by Jun-Himekawa
Tifa Portrait by OTsunaO
Adventure by OTsunaO
Tifa Lockhart by OTsunaO
Final Fantasy VIII
Told You by Jun-Himekawa
All Dressed Up by NightysWolf
! FF8 - 01 ! by Sreliata
Rinoa Photoshoot 01 by Nodern03
Final Fantasy X
Yuna - Faith by Nodern03
Yuna - Wedding Outfit - 360 Turntable Animation by NightysWolf
Yuna - Innocence by Nodern03
Yuna Photoshoot 1 - Wedding by Nodern03
Final Fantasy XII
She does not forget by LadyDaylily
Penelo by LadyDaylily
Guardian of Forest by NightysWolf
Fran Art by PhilipMessina
Final Fantasy XIII
Not all of us are easy to control, you know. by SilverMoonCrystal
Lightning Farron - Final Fantasy XIII by andersoncathy
Lightning Farron - The Sexy Soldier by Dante-564
Gaian Salvo by KylieStylish
Final Fantasy XIII-2
Black Mage - Mog by xHolyxLightx
Goddess of Death by KylieStylish
! Steel + Feel Serah Farron ! by Sreliata
FFX2 Ladies 01 by mylochka
Lightning Returns: Final Fanasy XIII
Crowned Mog by xHolyxLightx
Halloween Goddess by xHolyxLightx
Summer Memory by xHolyxLightx
In Galdin Quay by xHolyxLightx
Final Fantasy XV
R E D by MayaRokuaya
Samurai Project Gladiolus by Verahnika
Been waiting for a lifetime for you by SkyerLake
Samurai Project Prompto by Verahnika
My favorite Final Fantasy Girls by Dante-564
Fantasy heroes by RaidenWGT
Y'shtola by AthenaAsa
Power of the Void by Jun-Himekawa
Fairy World ( Lunafreya and Noctis) by RaidenWGT
Mother And Daughter On The Beach by Dante-564
LunaAndNoctis by SkyerLake
Models: Characters
Final Fantasy XV - Somnus Lucis Caelum by KylieStylish
Models: Weapons
FF7 Rufus ShinRa's 'Twin Barrel' Custom by DamianHandy
Models: Dissidia
Dissidia NT - Golbez by KylieStylish
Models: Objects
[XPS converted] Kaleidoscope Glasses (not mine) by evangelinengelo
8000 Views Special by MichaelJordy
My XNALara Process by Jun-Himekawa
Request #2949 Gullwings learnin the torture dance by MichaelJordy
Request: Squall and the infinity gaunlet by Dante-564
Bianca Devil Trigger by Dante-564
Hello Group members!

New Folders have been added!
There are now some new folders for you all to submit to, its been a while since this group has been updated.  Folders for the following games have been added Final Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy XV. More will be added at a later time if need be.

Folder Clean out/ Members
There has been a full folder clean out, meaning I have cleaned out all of the folders checking each one to ensure there aren't any stray deviations that were submitted to the wrong folder. The featured folder has also been cleaned out of deviations that were there for more then a month featured. They have now been placed in the proper folder corresponding to their game.  Looking through the members I have removed all members with their names crossed out, due to their accounts being deactivated. I don't think the cluster of members mattered so much, but its always nice to have a clean slate.

Rules/ Updates
Due to the mass swarm of deviations placed into the featured folder, that were not necessarily Final Fantasy related, I have taken the decision to revert it back to1 Deviation per week. There have been many great works included into the folder, but sometimes it becomes over crowded and no one is there to really clean it out, there will also be an admin vote for the deviation submitted, which we will get to asap when you submit to Featured. Other then that no other folders have been altered, so there are unlimited, so submit to your hearts content, as long as it fits the theme of the folder.

That's it for now, we would like to thank everyone members, and watchers. The support is greatly appreciated.
Let me know if there's anything else I can help you and continue submitting! :la:


We need more admins! If you would like to become an admin - please message me, VincentXyooj privately. Cathy is taking a bit of a break from what I can see, so anyone who would like to help keep the group in order don't hesitate to ask.
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KaiXYuki1221 Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Anyone here good with mesh mods?
KaiXYuki1221 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 25, 2019  Hobbyist Artist
Would love a Quistis model so I can make some content (clean.... Mostly) in lieu of the Remake on its way.

I've searched all over and can only find the game rip and one that has no eyebrows with exaggerated proportions. My only hope was the MoogleOutFitters model but I can't find it anywhere. Especially since MoF left DeviantArt.

If anyone has the MoF Quistis Model I'd love to have it. And credit will be given to the one who gives it to me as well as MoogleOutFitters. (Though I'm not certain how to credit someone who has gone into the dark.

If anyone has any hits feel free to shoot me a note or a comment on my page.

Please and thank you in advance.
Misakiiiiiiii Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
Anyone have an Ardyn model yet?
Nyoko-Hime-Chan Featured By Owner Edited Apr 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Someone here who could tell me the difference between XNA and XPS?
And where I can find the newest version of both?
I am workin with XNA so I'm not new but I never understood XPS lul
XnaFreak Featured By Owner Edited May 24, 2018
Yes I can explain it.

9 * 6 = 42

XNALara is a application to allow you all to pose character models from TRU (Tomb Raider Underworld) in realtime and render the result as image.
XPS (Xna Posing Studio) is compatible with XNALara and allow you to pose also non TRU characters (customnized models or character from other video games)
XNA is a Microsoft framework to write applications like XNALara or XPS.

The difference between XNA and XPS is that XNA is a programming library and XPS a runable program.

You can find the newest version there:
XNALara  XNALara Update: version 9.8

If you "works" with "XNA", then you must be a 
game developer, like me, and you should know the difference between run-time libraries and lightweight game applications developed with this Framework.   lul
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