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Have a browse through our Favourites! Far from all FF fan-art makes it in - only pieces of a certain standard are +fav'd. You won't be disappointed.



The Final Fantasy Clubs List
Welcome to the FF Clubs List
- the most comprehensive FINAL FANTASY clubs/groups listing on dA.
15 December 2011:

If you run or know of a Final Fantasy club/group that we haven't listed, do let us know about it! Send a note!
However, TAKE HEED:
We do NOT endorse incestuous and/or paedo-/hebe-/ephebophilic relationships, so clubs/groups dedicated to anything of such nature need not bother to apply.

+ We also affiliate with other clubs/groups directories/listings, so if you own one, just send a note requesting affiliation and we'll add it to our affiliates (scroll down to the bottom of the journal for the list as well as a bit of further info).

:megaphone: Announcement: Regarding FFXIII Clubs/Groups,
We currently do NOT list any FFXIII clubs/groups, due to the overwhelming risk of spoilers for those of us who have yet to play the game/s (this was actually the reason for our inactivity for a few months). Please be considerate and do not ask to have your FFXIII clubs/groups listed just yet. (I know it's been a while now, but I still haven't played the bloody game.)


:bulletgreen: :music: Final Fantasy Clubs/Groups :music: :bulletgreen:
(Clubs/Groups that are dedicated to FF in general
or more than one FF title,
or characters/things from more than one title.)

:target: FINAL FANTASY I-II-III-IV-V + Lesser FF Titles


(Compilation of FFVII)



:target: FINAL FANTASY X + X-2


(Ivalice Alliance)

(Fabula Nova Crystallis)

(FF characters & themes as they appear in the KH series)

:target: FINAL FANTASY +
(FF + other games/things)


:megaphone: ATTENTION, all potential club/group founders:
Please do NOT give your club/group a name that's a spoiler. An example of such a club/group is a FFXII club  that was created much too shortly after the game's release date - although it is no longer considered a spoiler, since FFXII was released quite a long time ago now - is Noah-fon-Ronsenburg; this was one of the very last secrets revealed in FFXII: that Gabranth is Basch's brother. So, for the sake of those of us who would rather find out the secrets as we play, NOT before, DO NOT CREATE CLUBS/GROUPS [for newer games] WITH NAMES THAT ARE SPOILERS. Thank you.


:bulletgreen: :music: Adopt a Club/Group! :music: :bulletgreen:

There are many, many abandoned/inactive Final Fantasy clubs/groups. If you wish to run a FF club/group, please don't start a new one without looking through our lists first; maybe there's already a club/group dedicated to the theme you wanted for your FF club/group? There probably is - and it might be abandoned.
:bulletorange: (HERE's our list of FF clubs/groups that are officially available for adoption.) :bulletorange:

So, how do you tell if a club/group has been abandoned? It's fairly easy, really. A club/group is likely abandoned (or at the very least forgotten) if,
  • A ) it states in the upper left corner of the club/group's userpage that its owner's last visit was more than ten weeks ago,
  • B ) (if A isn't applicable, because the owner has chosen to hide their online status, i.e. how long ago they last visited the club/group) the club/group's journal has not been updated in forever and a month,
  • C ) the club/group's account was registered more than ten weeks ago, but there's no journal up, and the userpage looks generally deserted.

Now, how do you adopt a club/group?
You ask its admin (or owner/caretaker, whatever you may call it), of course!  
Look for their e-mail address, or any other means of contacting them. Most leave a link to their personal dA account somewhere in the club/group's journal.
I'll use the FFVIIclub as an example. Its owner's last visit was over 200 weeks ago. So, either she has abandoned the club, or just hasn't had time for it, and forgotten about it. She has kindly left a link to her personal dA account, so you can easily contact her.
Remember to be NICE! Not just send them a note stating "i want ur club/group". That's not going to work. Properly introduce yourself and ask them nicely if they would like some help with running their club/group. If they don't want to let the club/group go, at least you might get to help them run it.  

If you for one reason or another can't get a hold of the owner of the club that you want, contact me (windinmysails), and I'll do my best to help you (I've been told I'm quite good at locating club owners who've gone missing).

Also, if you are the owner of a club/group, and looking for someone to help you run it/take it over, do some research on any volunteers before you give them the password to your club/group. They might not have the club's/group's best interests at heart. See the Banned Clubs list.


:bulletgreen: :music: Notice-Board :music: :bulletgreen:

News concerning the clubs/groups (and sometimes individual deviants).
(Would you like your news presented here? Send a note!)


:bulletgreen: :music: Favourites :music: :bulletgreen:

Do have a browse through our Favourites! Far from all FF fan-art makes it in - only pieces of a certain standard are +fav'd. You won't be disappointed.


:bulletgreen: :music: FF Music Videos :music: :bulletgreen:

For your enjoyment, we've compiled a list of a few - but well-made - FF music videos (found on YouTube etc.).


:bulletgreen: :music: Admin :music: :bulletgreen:

:iconwindinmysails: windinmysails


:bulletgreen: :music: Affiliates :music: :bulletgreen:
(Only other clubs/groups lists/listings/directories will be added to this list of affiliates; normal FF clubs/groups will not be considered actual "affiliates" - they'll be added to our normal lists.)

:iconthelist: :iconlisting-centre: :iconvideo-game-list: :iconthedreamfinder: :iconthe-anime-manga-list: :iconfma-directory: :iconnaruto-directory: :iconsailormoon-directory: :icononepiecelisting: :iconfruitsbasketlistings: :iconinuyasha-directory: :iconyu-gi-oh-directory: :iconyuyuhakushodirectory: :icongundam-directory: :iconthe-bleach-directory: :icondeath-note-directory: :iconsteambot-chronicles: :iconstargate-directory: :icontwilight-directory: :icontryout1980:

The FF-Clubs-List Supports :iconstop-tracing: stop-tracing
& :iconfanartintegrityclub: the FanArtIntegrityClub!

You'll find only ORIGINAL FAN-ART in our Favourites.


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