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Conky Popup Fixed

This is a new version of Conky Popup, this version fix a lot of problem (violet color on popup... ugly pixel around, etc etc...)

This version is made with Photoshop CS5

If u like it comment here ;D

update: here u can download a fixed the version included in archive don't work: [link]

required fonts here: [link]
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can't find poropper webdings font :/ could anyone please help?
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how do I install this? I'm new to linux.
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I was having a problem with the fonts not showing up,the solution was: search the web for webdings font download it, rename it Webdings. Then rename all downloaded fonts FezVrasta provided to the correct names (same in conkyrc file): Pie charts,PizzaDude Bullets,StyleBats then place them in your /usr/fonts folder. Start conky and everything should be fine.
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I have blue background! :(
Tell me please how to fix it.
My distro is Linux mint 12 lxde
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Nice work, and the purple wallpaper looks good, can you post out for share?
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I have successfully installed your skin. It works fine but the 'popup.png' image for the background won't show. In terminal, when I type Conky, it shows your skin but in the terminal it says Conky: Unable to load image './.conky/popup.png'.
I moved the image file to my home directory; restarted Conky and it says the same thing, just with my folders in front before /.conky. Do you have to edit ./.conky/popup.png on the .conkyrc file? I'm not sure but I had my sister try it a couple of times; it still didn't work. I just wanted to make sure if we have to edit it.
It's good I just Find it out. You need to install the webdings font that is in any Windows OS just copy/paste it in linux.
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all fonts required are in the zip in description
Sorry for the triple post. But the Power icon is not included in the Fonts. But You have a Wonderful conky skin. Love it
Please I can't make the Font's work. I wich directory am I needing to put it?
Sorry I didn't see the Install Buton :$
Sorry for another post (again) But I find out how to fix the poxer icon.^^ Just install the webdings font from windows. You need a PC running windows and copy the webdings.ttf that's in /Windows/Fonts on linux.
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no prob.


It appears to be a little too "low" on my 1280x800 screen...
The bottom part of the bottom 'pop up' is cut off...
What is the easiest way to move it up a bit?

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open ~/.conyrc and edit line "gap_y" ;)
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I'll use this, thanks :D
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you're welcome,

link me your desktop when is finished ;)
Well, it looks really great. Only: where exactly is this font supposed to be? I can't seem to find it in the archive :s
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ops =/ forgot it...

u can download fonts here: [link]

sorry ^^
All right, thanks a lot!
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