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MK. Ninja

By Fezat1
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Revised versions of the my Mortal Kombat ninjas designs. I'll be updating this with each new one. :ninja:

Scorpion, Ermac, Tremor, Rain.
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Four elements. Cool. :)
The thing about the ninjas is that none of the ninjas, besides scorpion, were ninjas. The Lin Kuei were the closest to them since the ninjas are a Japanese deviation from them after a member betrayed them and formed a Japanese system based on them. I think that's how it goes. Other than Reptile being an assassin and Noob Saibot being the first Sub Zero, none of them should have to look like ninjas. But, because of continuity, they need to retain some of their old identity, preferably with a mask.

This is just my science about them.
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That Rain and Tremor are REALLY awesome designs!
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Very cool! :thumbsup: I like very much Scorpion and Tremor here :thumbsup: But they all are cool!
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FINALLY, Rain gets some due respect!
Really dig the concepts here; tradition meets practicality. Less on the 'scaled latex' side - which still look cool.

"Awww, c'mon Rain. Youreallywannadomelikethat, Rain?"

If you don't know who DashieXP is, this will make no sense.
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Love Scorpion especially!!
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wow...awesome dude :D
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This is awesome. Does anyone ever try to count how many ninjas are in mk universe? There are about over 10. :yakuza: :sprint:
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Noob Saibot, Subzero, Scorpion, Ermac, Rain, Frost, Chameleon, Reptile, Tremor, Smoke, Hydro, Komodai, Oniro, Yong Park, Khameleon, Sektor, and Cyrax

Ruby, Skarlet, Tanya, Jade, Mileena, and Kitana if you count the ones who werent palette swaps or use to wear the same ninja outfit

I feel like theres more, but i cant remember them if there are, at the moment
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Awesome artwork. Khrome is another ninja
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Are u gonna do more?
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like the whole pic, but TREMOR looks bad ass, they need to reintroduce him somehow in the next game installment.
And make him original!!!!
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It's delightful~!! I don't see why they don't hire YOU to design the MK characters. I love MK9 but the character designs were kinda icky to me. :D
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Me and a friend were talking about how many awesome ideas Netherrealm Studios over look , to re-use old ideas , this piece of art right here , should be the new design for the characters , i think that tremor is an awesome idea and should DEFINATEY be in the new mortal kombat n i hope you mail these designs to NetherRealm studios cos theyr f*ckin amazing
best take on tremor IMO
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Amazing as usual. What else to say....
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I never did like Rain all that much.
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Your picture is wonderful as ever...
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