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March 12, 2012
Sculpture tutorial for Starters - Part 1 by =Feyrah
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Sculpture tutorial for beginners | Sculpting

There we go, like I promised. This took quite a while.
hope it helps. :) Any questions? Feel free to ask!

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WARNING FOR SANDING: Don't breathe in the dust!
Either moisten the sandpaper or wear protection gear.
A bandana properly covering your nose and mouth should do.
The dust can be dangerous for your lungs.


Edit: Sorry, I can't find the time to work on part 2. Simple version:

1. Either paint the sculpture white or spray it with white acrylic spray paint. Don't breathe it in!
2. let the base coat dry.
3. Start painting it using acrylic paints. Start with bigger areas.
4. For really small details, use a fairly small brush.
5. Seal it with spray finish or paint-on finish after it dried.
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Jedaxx's avatar
sunziana's avatar
Great tutorial! Thank you very much!
Tuck-Tail-and-Run's avatar
Thank you! Looking at doing some bigger sculpts than I have before, this will help a lot!! 
Dredorida's avatar
What grain of sandpaper? I've been using 220 and it seems to work REASONABLE well... 
Feyrah's avatar
i switched from rougher ones to smoother ones if that helps?
Dredorida's avatar
yes, thank you
Dredorida's avatar
Wow! This worked for me when no other tutorials did :D 

Petra1999's avatar
Thank you for this awesome tutorial!
Feyrah's avatar
Glad it helped!
Sellesion's avatar
I have some sculpting experience, but this is still a really great Tutorial. Something I'm still working on is getting things as smooth as I want them.
What grain of sandpaper do you use?
Feyrah's avatar
I usually start out with a bigger grain to get it started and then change to a finer grain :)
Sellesion's avatar
I'll keep that in mind. Thank you! ^^
missuny's avatar
Where can I get crepe tape? Is it expensive?
Feyrah's avatar
It's also named masking tape and it's not expensive at all! You should be able to get it in crafting stores etc
missuny's avatar
Oh cool! I actually have masking tape, but I didn't know it went by another name. Thank you so much!
kittysmash's avatar
what kind of clay is that?
phforever's avatar
This is awesome! I've been wanting to try sculpting,but I'm afraid to try because this stuff is pricey and everything I try fails  miserably. But I feel kinds reassured with and in-depth tutorial like this,tht shows you how to do what your doing instead of saying "Now add the mane". I hope I can try and do this sometime!
NegativeFade's avatar
This is awesome!
WyrmsRoost's avatar
Totally awesome tutorial! This will help me actually finish a sculpture for once...
Loveless-Yokai's avatar
My little pony my little pony!
Love it^^
explodingHeath's avatar
ah this is just magnificent! i'm gonna try sculpture soon!
W3LTERW8's avatar
Ah, I'm so excited to begin! This is really helpful, thank you!
MughalRox's avatar
Amaaaazzzziiinnnggg!!!! :iconyayzplz:

BTW, dangerous for your *lungs* :3
sasyn's avatar
Excellent and reassuring information. I had completely overlooked the hazard of inhaling the dust from sanding. Thank you.
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