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A Perfect Family

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What a happy, lovely picture!

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My gay heart is so happy seeing this.
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poor child, he will see that his other friends have a father and he does not have, and then he will ask: "Where is daddy?"
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Wow, homophobe much dude?
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children with two gay parents never ask that shit. however, children like me, with straight parents, who's father left the family when i wasnt even born, ask this stuff. :) 
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Well, I come from an orphanage and when I went to visit my friends who were adopted by homosexual couples, when they were children and those who adopted them were gay couples they asked them: where is this mommy ?, and when they were lesbians: where is this daddy? ?, I do not deny that in both cases the same thing happens
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Having come from a family with both heterosexual parents, I can assure you having a father is overrated. Parents are entirely incidental, sexuality doesn't play a part in how effectively they raise their kids.

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yeah im sure that totally happened. 
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Swan Queen for life!!! I hate Captain Swan for many reasons, I still can't really forgive Hook for the monster he once was. I mean, he DID steal a poor man's wife. He had his happy ending briefly but that costed him for being a wife thief. I figured he could find love elsewhere, like Tinkerbell. I know Peter Pan is not technically a boy and is just an adult in a boy's body but still, I look at that as pedophilia. So I don't really feel that Hook deserves Emma. Regina, on the other hand, she always loses her happy ending. She lost it with Daniel, Henry a few times and Robin Hood. So I feel that she can have love, and her son. Henry's adoptive mother can also be his stepmother. Besides, I'm sure they could write romantic chemistry between Regina and Emma. 
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This is amazing =)
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ahh so naiss <3
der Hintergrund is hammer, ich muss echt wieder mehr üben *.* Goooaaals
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this made it to Reddit front page well done!
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Oh? could you link me maybe? I have no idea how to work reddit
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Reddit is Reddit so will be hard to find but I saw it and loads of people had commented saying how much they loved it and your comment about the add in the dad part!
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omg that's really nice!! Thank you :heart:
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It would be worth searching it :) was very heart warming :)
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