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4 more logos I designed >_> It's supposed to be the letters MJC inside the red circle in the Japanese flag...hard to tell huh? Please don't steal this...I worked hard trying to come up with this T_T. which one do you like?

EDIT: Yay! The bottom left was chosen as the official logo for McMaster's Japanese Club XD

Flag version: [link]
MJC dango logos: [link]

Program used: MS Paint
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*the designer clears throat*
i like the last one. AHAHHAAH
yea. i dont think the ones with a black background are really working. >_> *gets shot by other commenter*

yea, and if it's supposed to be japanese flag. all the more reason why the LAST ONE works better. *rawr*! XDDD
yea i like the idea though. it's cool cuz it's in a circle. but i think if you made the cut in the J be level with the cut in the C, it would be better. *nod nod*

uhhh i hope that made sense? O_O
if not. we can further discuss and clarify concepts via msn. HAHA.
or during breakfast with the president. i'm down for that too.