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[Children of the Sky] 017: Old Mistakes



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Uhhhh hey guysss

This page was the reason that I even rebooted my prologue. I didn't think I'd be good enough to achieve the scenery/art that I needed for such a pivotal moment. I also didn't AT ALL think I was good enough to write this scene all that long ago. I feel like I've achieved both, and like I've left it all out on the field.

Hopefully this page impresses you and makes you as excited for the future as it does me!!

(This is the Safe for Work version of the page. For those that want the uncensored version, please click here:… )
First: The Beginning
Previous: Pokemon Johto

Rules: Here
Full Gallery: Here

:iconkadew-c:'s Pidgey, Pudge, is featured somewhere in this page! Please go read her comic!! It's pretty amazing already!

HUGE thanks to
:icondegree-yo: and :iconraycchan: for beta-ing this page!! I was very insecure about it, and they seriously helped me make some #Decisions.
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AAhh you already know my thoughts on Leon and Clare's character in this page, it's really well done and I think it adds so much depth to their characters ;;v;; I'll just focus on commenting on the art for now since the alst time I saw this it wasn't really done yet but it still looked really good and now you've gone and blown that one out of the water. I love the mood and detail that goes right into each of the scenery scenes, the lighting in the first panel is downright gorgeous qwq plus the overt worldbuilding in the text and the small details that fly under the radar like the tents being released from the little container thing are such a neat addition :'D The beach and the way you integrated the water brushes are also excellent! Overall I'm super impressed at the way you did the bgs and integrated it with the mood and storytelling in this update, especially. qwq