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Coloring Page #6

By fewilcox
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I am particularly proud of this one. The inspiration for it actually hit me while skimming the Color-Me-Club while sitting in the cafe at the Ingles where my wife works. After seeing Mandala I by Saknika I wanted to do something that featured a ring of circles. Fortunately I had brought along my drafting board and tools so I got straight to work. Even more fortunately I had her netbook with me, and it runs LibreCAD surprisingly well so I was able to get my initial drawings digitized while they were still fresh in my mind.

At one point I was so pleased with my progress that I went to her register to show it off (which is in itself amazing because I am really shy). That may be the best part for me because depression has been kicking my butt for the past several years – I spent days at a time in 2016 barely getting out of bed because I had become so thoroughly apathetic.

When I first started to emerge from the soul-crushing cloud several months ago I wondered if I might be bipolar since I was as super productive as my body would let me be. I eventually realized that what appeared to me as mania was simply normalcy. Imagine that – I had been so depressed for so long that simply being normal felt like a psychological disorder. So me going from initial concept to final drawing in less than an hour was huge, and then getting super excited about the result was even bigger.

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